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Nov 21, 2013

I rarely ever write reviews anymore due to having no free time, and definitely don't have time to write a full-fledged writeup of pros and cons - but Pupa was so disturbing that I feel compelled to at least write a warning to others. 

I was first interested in Pupa when seeing the upcoming Winter anime list, as there's an anime adaptation airing soon. Horror? Check. Disturbing? Check. Anyone who knows me, knows I love me a good horror title, and try my best to read as many manga related to the genre as possible. It takes a lot, and I mean a lot, for me to be grossed out and disturbed by something. 

Enter Pupa.

Look, the story isn't bad - it's kind of interesting and at least it's somewhat unique. A girl gets randomly infected by a virus, there's a nefarious researcher who knows more than she lets on who offers to 'help', etc. 

But really, Pupa pushes the line for gore and disturbing. Unless you like watching people slowly get eaten alive over and over, or someone getting vivisected while conscious/alive, I'd suggest looking the other way on this one. Hands down.

tl;dr: this is too disturbing even for me. :|

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Krovyu Sep 10, 2015

SPOILER ALERT because I had to correct what you said, no offense intended Sothis!!

The girl (Yume) did not get INFECTED by the virus, she IS a Pupa. What appears to be her becoming infected was the red butterflies Maria warned them of - the butterflies are the form the other Pupa took to keep an eye on his "beloved".

The Pupa escaped "Maria" research lab (which was apparently beneath the Hospital Utsutsu was born) and the "female" (if they even have gender) one was wounded and needed to shed it's skin. They can morph/mimic any living creature - so it basically climbed inside Sachiko's uterus and mimiced a growing human fetus (making Yume a genetic identical to Sachiko). The doctors/researchers all know this, which is why they keep mentally traumatized Sachiko in their care and monitor the "sibblings".   This is how Yume exists, Shiro's assumption was Sachiko surely had an affair (possibly why he became so violent towards his beloved), but we learn the reason Sachiko went crazy and why she feared Yume. Basically the reason her name is Yume is Sachiko was so terrified from seeing a "monster" so shortly after delivering her son she thought it was all a dream. Surely, it must be a dream... Every time she'd see Yume she'd be frightened it would hurt her precious Utsutsu.

  Maria doesn't just know more than she lets on - she is the reason the virus exists. I'd hate to completely spoil this interesting story, but I just couldn't resist when I read the review...Please, I mean no disrespect!

Kashiho Jul 25, 2015

For me, the anime adaptation is horrible... not because of the gore part but the storyline, chronological order, and scattered plot. -_-

I finished the anime, chapter 5 in manga. Still I want to rate it as... Anime 2/10 --- Manga 10/10.

I've read the manga and it have good things that the anime adaptation is lacking... and it may be weird but I don't see it as horror or thriller or something. On the first place... I didn't watch the anime because it's categorized as horror... I'm on the love against all odds part :)))

Vafuder Nov 22, 2013

I didn't personally find it that disturbing. Sure there are some extreme scenes in here, but it won’t make me lose any sleep anytime soon. We are shown guts being spilt from living humans in just about every zombie/gore movie there is, what makes a story truly horrible to me is if they manage to build up an atmosphere of true hopelessness. In my opinion the judge is still out on that one, I’ll keep reading for now! :)

AnarchicQ Nov 21, 2013

Challenge accepted!