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Aoi Hana

There's no mistaking that Aoi Hana is exceptionally drop dead gorgeous. With watercolored backgrounds that appear to have been taken straight out of Iblard Jikan and a flawless mix of CG and regular animation, Aoi Hana would seem to be a must-see.

Except that it's so, so incredibly boring that I almost cried alongside the characters in Aoi Hana, who also incessantly cry.

To be clear, I like slow anime; Kino no Tabi, Haibane Renmei and Piano are three slice of life titles that I love to death. But Aoi Hana is easily in my top 5 (or maybe even 3) most boring titles of all time. It's soul crushingly slow and uninteresting to the point that I had to watch the last episode in pieces to remain coherent.

Preliminary reviews of Aoi Hana seem polarized - at least on the surface - between those who are avid readers/watchers of shoujo-ai, and those who aren't. Those who are have heralded Aoi Hana to be rich in character development, especially compared to other titles in the genre. I fully admit that it could be I'm not a conniseur of shoujo-ai; I don't mind it, as I watch romance/drama anime for the romance/drama, and not the sex of the couples. Regardless, I have no desire to compare Aoi Hana to other shoujo-ai titles - compared to other titles period, it's flat out uninteresting and slow to a fault.

Character-wise, it's difficult for me to understand the argument that Aoi Hana is filled with fantastic beings. From the get-go I was put off by Fumi's obnoxious, inappropriate crying, and the rest of the characters don't have nearly the amount of depth I'd expect from such a well-lauded show.

Romance-wise, by the end of episode three at least one relationship has begun to flourish - but frankly I didn't care at all. There's nothing three dimensional or deep here - same-sex aside, I found much more value and impact from a series like Paradise Kiss.

Maybe I'm just missing something, but I could barely get through three episodes of Aoi Hana, and I definitely won't be watching the rest. It's beautiful, but ultimately was a huge waste of my time.

3/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Doommuks says...

well.... im kinda afraid of you so i aint gona rewiew this.... but i can say that the anime was good. the kind that relieves stress, whitch is wery good..... Mb its my opinion but you ppl are all about the thing that the more you see the beter it is... you watch to watch..... not watch to enjoy.. maby its the XXI age desease maby something else, but realy ppl.... Well not everyone is that way, and...(i could go on for hours)..........Anyway...

Nov 11, 2009