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Hi there! I'm a not-so-normal girl living in Seattle, WA. I work for a software company as a writer of developer documentation, but my background is computer science and programming. In my spare time I enjoy video games, especially console RPGs such as my obsession, Dragon Quest (or old school PC ones such as Ultima aka best games ever, or Sierra adventure classics), anime (duh!), sci fi, movies, my cats, and various other geekery.

I'm Anime-Planet's creator and admin, having built the site in 2001 in a quest to learn MySQL, before becoming the behemoth it is today. Anime-Planet was and is still run by a small handful of volunteers, even though we reach millions of users a month, so a great deal of my time is still spent creating features, running the project, training moderators, etc. If you're interested in helping support the site, check out this link :)

Contacting me:

As much as I'd like to be able to reply to each person who contacts me, I spend the vast majority of all free time working on the site and getting features out the door, so I rarely ever have time to read or reply to comments I get here. Most of the questions I get here are site-related questions that we have teams of moderators or forum sections to help with, and if there were less of those here in the profile, I'd have more time to reply to other comments.

Please make sure you read these notes and link suggestions for the most common site questions I get here. Another way to get in touch is in chat in the evenings, but I'd point you to the same links below if it's site questions. ;)

Thanks for stopping by! And now, enjoy some creepy amazing gifs...

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tetra Mar 28, 2017

Hi! :)

Thank you! I think this will be a long stay again. I was thinking about visiting the irc, but it would be sad not to recognize anyone :/

Now I just need to figure out all the new additions and changes. You have made some really great additions!

Alebord Mar 21, 2017

Thanks for letting me know! (that was fast X)

That new feature is amazing btw! ^^

I was dragging them around all the time for the list to be in alphabetical order :3


TennisTsundere Mar 20, 2017


I would like to change my username to TennisTsundere. I went through the threads and could not figure out how to/they seemed closed. Could you help me? I am a little frustrated and would greatly appreciate it.


duchessliz Mar 19, 2017

Thanks! I noticed they added a new auto-sort feature so it was probably the update or something, but everything is working now! :D

RnDNEET021 Mar 19, 2017

Yahalloooo I had a questions to ask you.... Since It's my first time starting here...

Is there a problem why I can't add anything in the Custom List Anymore??? Is it broken..

Are there anyways to fix it??