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  • Manga Impressions: Alice in Underground (one shot)

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Manga Impressions: Alice in Underground (one shot)

14 JUL

Meh - Alice in Underground is around 5 pages of bishie, gothic/lolita boys and girls that barely represent the characters from the story. Boring and a complete waste of time, even visually.

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darkhalf77 avatar darkhalf77
Oct 4, 2009

All I respond is W T F ? ? ?

Vejhed avatar Vejhed
Jul 26, 2009

Yup. Complete waste of time...

Narutoshinobierika avatar Narutoshinobierika
Jul 23, 2009

Dude i have those thoughts about my doujinshi all thhe time. its probly great.

sothis avatar sothis
Jul 14, 2009

Yeah I get that it was probably a stylistic thing, but still seemed utterly useless to me :/

AnarchicQ avatar AnarchicQ
Jul 14, 2009

I just read it....what.....what did I just read?

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