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Manga Impressions: Uzakoi (Ch 1-5 of 6)

13 JUL

Chapter 6 seems to be unavailable, so I was unable to finish this one. Read it to add to the database.

Uzakoi is a series of short stories that all revolve around smut, most being effective but still uninteresting. With only ~30 pages each, it's hard to feel like you're reading a good story; but if you're reading this for the smut factor, that'll deliver at least.

Not the best smut manga out there at all; still, some people might enjoy it. I didn't.

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Zakiel avatar Zakiel
Jul 13, 2009

Why would you say it's 6?

v.1 c.Story 3-5 (end) by Covenant of Darkness (9d ago)

Looks like 5 to me.

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