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Manga Review: Vampire Game

11 JUL

From now on anything I watch/read that I don't finish (or care enough to write a site review), I'll write a review blog about it instead.

Yesterday I read a few volumes of Vampire Game to add it to the database. Can't say I was terribly impressed.

So far, it reads an awful lot like Apothecarius Argentum, but I liked AA a lot more. A rebellious princess goes on adventures with an unlikely friend, various political stuff and lots of bishies ensue.

I dunno, maybe it's just not my thing, but I didn't get sucked into Vampire Game. Ishtar and Duzell's odd relationship interested me well enough, but most of the characters look the same (Ishtar/Duzell's gender bending stuff aside), and there just wasn't anything to pique my curiosity. Ishtar's childhood friend turned bodyguard felt one dimensional and boring as well.

All in all, I'm glad I dropped it.

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