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Final Fantasy (aka Fail Fantasy) XIII review

10 MAR

Posted here: http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/entertainment/38864-final-fantasy-xiii.html... read more

Machinarium - a stunning new point n' click adventure game

19 OCT

Checked this out via a Facebook post and it's incredibly breathtaking. Checked out the demo, fell in love with it and purchased the full game - and it... read more

Aoi Hana impressions (eps 1-3)

27 JUL

There's no mistaking that Aoi Hana is exceptionally drop dead gorgeous. With watercolored backgrounds that appear to have been taken straight out of I... read more

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Bakemonogatari impressions (eps 1-4)

26 JUL

Just checked out Bakemonogatari 1-4. It definitely piqued my interest, though I'm not sure if its pros outweighed the cons.Pros:Extremely interesting ... read more

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Manga Impressions: Alice in Underground (one shot)

14 JUL

Meh - Alice in Underground is around 5 pages of bishie, gothic/lolita boys and girls that barely represent the characters from the story. Boring and a... read more