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I am not sure what to say about myself. I just started using this site, it is exactly what I was looking for. I am a college student studying Library Technology in California. I live close to Yosemite for anyone who knows it.

I guess personally I am kind of a bookworm, should be obvious right. I have lived out in the country for most of my life so i just recently discovered Anime. I am not sure why it appeals to me, but it does.

I am not really adept at anything and I don't have a lot of skills, I can ride horses and have done some barrel racing, but I don't have any real talents.

If you can think of some other category I should mention or talk about let me know.

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sothis Oct 26, 2007

Soooomebody needs a filled out profile! :D

welcome to A-P! ^_^

Kivan Oct 16, 2007

Welcome ^_^

So, are those all the anime you've seen or you just didn't have time to fill out your anime list?

And why did you drop Wolf's Rain? I was thinking of watching it....