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Hi im sools....not much else to first finished anime was kinichi and i like anime from almost any genre. my fav genre is mostly herems.if its a herem there is a posibility i wont turn it down and watch untill its done!my fav 2 animes ever would be Demon King Daimo and the Blue Exorcist.THE MOST HATED ANIME FOR ME IS SPORTS ANIME. they go a bit over board. i dribble the ball...i jump.. i shot....i missed...NO ONE CARES.

My first name is Cetshwayo but cuz lots of ppl mess it up so im just called C.J. i love anime,pixle art,MMOS,Drawin,old school games,and playing with my fwends. I like to joke around but if im not jokeing you can tell.There are PLENTY other things i could tell you but it seems to be enuf 4 u to get wat kind of person i am.That is all XD

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