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I've been watching anime for a very long time. I would have to say my first show i saw was either dragonball or saint seiya. Hard to which one was first since both were badass!! There's a lot anime out there for me to track down but i'll keep watching them till the very end cuz it will never grow old on me and it's part of my life and who i am.

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What?! No anime ratings?

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yokailuv Apr 27, 2010

that sig's fuckin fantastic, wot anime is it?

fergy13 Apr 5, 2010

whats up bro

MeanMachine61 Feb 22, 2010

oh yea and if u wanna watch random shows like chris and andres check out bakugan or dinosaur king.... they PWNNNN

MeanMachine61 Feb 22, 2010

Hey fag u on this shit all the time now???? Hey forget andres recommendation, that show is weird and it wont make sense at the end of it. Actually u need a reality check watch that shit and pay attention.

SeiyaManG Feb 8, 2010

Well that's how comedy works in Anime usually. But it's not really any more perverted than any other show of its kind man. Besides, it's supposed to be crazy and over-the-top. The random shows I find are because I watch a bunch of shows every new anime season. New Anime shows come out in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. So I always check out a bunch from each season.

Here's a show I know you liked:

And it gives you a bunch of recommendations beneath that about other shows that you might also like if you liked Berserk. Get it now Faggol?