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My powerlevel is pretty high, but I supress it pretty well, so if you see me walking on the street, you might think I'm the most normal guy around.

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hugoismyname Apr 4, 2011

Cool avatar. Also i was wondering is your power level over 9000!?

1010rikku Jan 7, 2008

Great update on the profile, cool avatar :)

Yeah, I think I have too many want to watch and not enough time to watch them lol!!! I put some Ghost Hound on my ipod to watch on the bus on my way to and from work...we will see how that works out. *shrugs*

Hit me up if you think I should be watching something else, don't be shy or a stranger!! 

Toro Jan 5, 2008

ohh my you surely supress it beyond a level imaginable, and you have such a great varation in your list I want to be your friend.

1010rikku Jan 3, 2008

Whta an amazing variety in your anime list!! I look forward to seeing your updated profile with avatar and sig, I have a feeling we will have alot in commun!!

 Welcome to Anime-Planet!!