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Moyashimon Returns

Sep 15, 2012

Before I begin my review, I'd like to ask for a moment of silence as we mourn the loss of the original animation style.



Thank you.

Story: Who watches Moyashimon for the plot? Point being, the plot has never claimed to be amibitious; it's a simple slice of life. But there's nothing bad about it, and sequels can be tough to pull off. It moves forward in small arcs, wherein problems arise and are solved. There's some silly light humor, we never spend too much time in flashback land, and moving the second half's setting to France was a fun twist.

Animation: I really wanted to give this a :(/10 but non-numerical values are not allowed. T.T The new style isn't bad, by any means, but it just isn't the old style and I just can't quite bring myself to approve of that. 'Nuff said.

Sound: 10/10 because the microbes are so effing cute! Also, dat ending song. :3

Characters: I'm only giving 6.5/10 because I'm oh-so-slightly upset that we learned more about Marie as a human being than we did about Kei.

But I like the characters a lot, and in all fairness they deserve more like an 8. They're quirky and intriguing, with life stories that deepen their surface personalities. They all have unique challenges they face, and their actions are the result of strong friendships which were developed in the first season.

Overall: Yes, I get a little excited about this show. It reminds me of Honey and Clover, but without all of the melodrama and created tragedy. It's a simple, feel-good watch about a dude who sees microbes and a bunch of people who like to make booze. What's not to like?

7.5/10 story
4/10 animation
10/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
8/10 overall

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