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May 21, 2012

I'd never heard of this when it popped up on one of my viewing sites and the title, translating to "Stars Stuck Together," struck me as kind of cute. Kuttsukiboshi is a yuri anime. There is girl-on-girl action, and a brief shot of incestuous het action-interrupted, but aren't nudey parts showing, and the story (otherwise) focuses on the development of relationships. Just so we're clear about what you're getting into.

Story: Kiiko has developed telekinesis and other mind powers following a car accident. Her friend, Aaya, knows this and encourages her to strengthen them. Then one day when Aaya falls asleep underneath a tree, Kiiko goes to kiss her, hesitates, and then is quite literally pulled into a much more, ah, complicated relationship with Aaya. This all goes sour when one day, Kiiko forgets her cell phone at Aaya's house. She goes back to retrieve it and walks in on Aaya mid-tryst with her older brother. She gets scared/angry and runs off and the two girls proceed through a rocky round of reconciliation and retries. Later, Kiiko sees Aaya's memories, finds out that her brother died (and the incest was a last-request thing), and then she teleports herself onto the plane to stop Aaya from leaving Japan for reasons unknown. Then they reconcile completely, and then teleport themselves to their own little beach world and make undying promises to each other while watching the moon set.

Sound convoluted? It was. I thought that several of the transitions were confusing, and that jumping around in time to give you pieces of the story was annoying. It was thick on the melodrama, and riddled with plot tropes and cliches, although I will give it points for a non-het mostly-happy ending.

Animation: Parts of it seemed a little choppy. There were lots of still-type shots. The art was fairly untextured, and not terribly deep or perspected. There were times that the lighting attemps were downright abominable (see under tree scene in the first OVA).

Characters: Flat, flat, flat. Their characters, not their chests, mind. Minimal development: "I love you! No, I hate you! No! I love you!" etc.

Overall: I did like that we were shown things--like when Kiiko realizes she doesn't have her phone she searches in her bag, has a realization face, and then we are shown a shot of the phone next to Aaya's bed--so that the narration was kept to a minimum. Overall, it was pretty meh, but worth it if you like yuri as a genre.

4/10 story
5/10 animation
?/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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brokensaint058 Jun 7, 2012

Albeit it is not splender on story and the art department, it is also unfortunately pretty much forgettable after you watch it. I do agree with the points made in your review. A funfact: the two piece OVA was drawn singlehandedly by one guy and not an animation studio ^^. That, I guess is worthy of a praise of sorts.