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If I had to use one word to describe this anime, it would be, "Delightful."

Story: Uchouten Kazoku did a great job of showing rather than telling its story. It has a "chaotic comedy" appeal which is underscored by sad and serious moments. The story has an intricacy that reminded me of Baccano!, although the genre is completely different. Lots of characters, interacting at various points throughout the story, gradually revealing a bigger story. It does well with bringing up past events by focusing on the parts of the past that are relevant to the story without using drawn-out flashbacks.

Characters: Great! The characters were interesting and dimensional. They never seemed cliche, and in fact, seemed pretty unique and original. The clash of characters and their various goals drove the story forward, and there were plenty of interesting relationships between characters.

Animation & Sound: Good stuff. I stopped the show at several points to take screenshots so I could make them my wallpaper, and they looked awesome. The level of detail in background scenery was high, and there was a certain style to the characters. Sound worked well with the story.

Overall: 9/10. If you like slice-of-lifes with good stories, or shows about youkai with comedy and drama, this is a great pick for you. Uchouten Kazoku is somewhat of a hidden gem--fresh and entertaining. I'd highly recommend it.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
9/10 overall

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StayUpThere says...

Good anime, great review! Much love <3

Mar 12, 2014
RingoStarr1991 says...

So it's good? Great another anime to add to my ever expanding list -___-.

Oct 13, 2013
ReiDaCocada says...

This anime is so good that I feel wanting to re-watch :3

Sep 29, 2013