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RDG: Red Data Girl

Jun 18, 2013

RDG: Red Data Girl: the story of a shy girl with a goddess living inside of her. Suzuhara wants nothing more than to be normal, but the goddess' powers keep making that difficult to achieve. And she has a crush on her protector, who only seems to dislike her.

Story: As you can see from the above synopsis, the plot isn't terribly interesting. With more interesting characters, there would be plenty of potential here, but the characters were timid and more willing to hide their emotions than give in to them.

Animation & Sound: Pretty standard, and the pretty art enhances the light-on-content feel of the show.

Characters: All motivated more by fear than by willingness to overcome their fear, including the side characters. None of them had particularly vivid personalities, especially the MC. And there's not really any comedic interaction between them to keep things interesting.

Overall: If you like slow-moving plots where nothing much is accomplished, you might enjoy this show a lot. There's a distinct lack of substance which ultimately made it come off as completely average, but it manages to be pleasant nonetheless. I came away without many strong feelings for or against it, which is a feat in its own way.

If you dislike slow plots, shows without comedy, characters without much depth, or shoujo in general, I would venture a guess that this won't be a good watch for you. 

6/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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