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Sakurasou was an anime which managed to hold my interest despite its fairly average storyline. It never made me bored, but I never went beyond feeling lukewarm about each week's episode arriving. Something was missing in it for me, and I'm not quite sure what that was. Not a bad show by any means, though.

Story: Basically, a school/slice of life story about some pretty crazy characters, most of whom have talents that set them apart from "normal" people. It utilizes typical plotlines [school festival, foreign friend arriving to take someone home, threat of their home being shut down] to explore the relationships of the characters vis a vis their dreams and aspirations. While the story didn't stand out as above average, it was very very relatable. Big themes were talent vs. hard work and the outcomes of success/failure, unrequitted love, and friendship.

Animation and Sound: The voice acting was good and added to the personality and distinctiveness of each character. Given the serious themes, I thought the art style actually detracted from the reality of the story, but it was pleasant to look at.

Characters: Each one was unique and interesting. Character development happened, but it was more in a resolving-of-situations way and less in an actual deep change in beliefs sort of way.

For some reason, I can't quite bring myself to give this one a full 7. Its parts were good, but the sum of the parts was lacking something. Maybe it was too relatable to be realistic/too realistic to be relatable, maybe the art really jarred with my sense of the point of the story, maybe the characters' were too frustrating, maybe I'm just crazy.

Recommended for fans of "crazy people in a group" stories.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.9/10 overall
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snivets May 10, 2013

Hey! So I didn't see this comment until now, which I apologize for. I think you're totally right; judging it as two seasons makes a lot more sense, and probably trying to judge it as one explains my fairly mixed feelings about it. :)

Elof Apr 1, 2013

For me, this one was a tale of two seasons. I absolutely loved the first handful of episodes for the blend of hilarity, cuteness, and semi-serious development over a light-hearted core. Episode 12 aired right as the rest of the fall season was coming to a close, and it had a great ending that I felt wrapped the series up nicely: most of the characters had some sort of catharsis, the necessary couples seemed to come together, and there were no real unresolved plots.

Then, to my surprise, it continued through the spring season. And quickly devolved into a typical love-triangle scenario, followed by some uncharacteristic melodrama, followed by the rather far-fetched plot of 'our dorm is going to be closed because the international art community blames a high school for an artist's personal choice to change to a new medium.'

Overall, I can't disagree with your rating, but split into parts, I'd say the first half was well above average, the second half well below.