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Dec 27, 2012

I almost dropped this show after the first episode, due to Sakura's exceedingly awkward behavior. What this show had going for it was the whole "limits of justice" theme, and I was hoping it would develop more strongly in that direction. After all, first episodes are tough to pull off (a good example of a good first ep would be Ouran HSHS).

Story: Well, I definitely wished I had dropped it early on (and the only reason for continuing was hope and the fact that the subbers released it during my few slow days for the season). What a crock of crap. In fact, it was so hokey and fakey and terrible that, as I write this review, I have yet to watch the very last episode, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that I do not give a flying hoot about what is going to happen. In fact, I will probably read a book and glance up at the subtitles an average of 17.5 times throughout the 22 minutes of agony which lie in wait for me.

What was so bad about it, dear reader? Nothing was believable. Convenient twists happened way too often. The whole school dynamic, which was awkward but at least somewhat interesting, was ripped away for the second half of the show, which consists of a bunch of people chasing each other around the city to disarm bombs, make showy manuevers with their telekinesis powers, and drone on in long monologues about why they are victims of the man and shadowy government research organizations. Yawn fest.

Animation: Didn't personally care for it, felt a bit flat, but it wasn't completely awful.

Characters: Did nothing to help the weak story.

My advice? Stay very far away from this show. It is not worth your time or your hoots.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
2/10 overall
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snivets Jan 20, 2013

Thanks for leaving a comment ^^;

kio3459 Jan 19, 2013

This review is spot on.  When it comes to this anime, logic completely goes out the window.  And if that wasn’t bad, whats-her-name made it worst!  The thing that annoyed me was she was completely pointless/useless!!! They kept talking about her being a "rare breed" and she doesn’t do anything..  Nothing happens with her! 

I completely lost it at the end when they had her and the puppy tied up.. First of all, why the puppy?  Then the pup escapes by falling (or convientely sliding down the pipe) from 20 ft w/o a problem.  Then she falls and same thing.... Really?  20 ft from the floor and nothing?????   This anime felt like the creators sat and down.. looked at each other.. and said.. Lets do something cool.. Forget the story.. forget the characters. heck.. forget logic.. Lets just make something really cool...  10 mins later they finished the final draft/story concept and went for beers.. or tea.. whatever.