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Minai99 Jul 14, 2013

blaaaaaaaaaaaah. What's up tonight? Want to try to watch a show with me?

Minai99 Jul 13, 2013

Also, aku no hana looks pretty interesting. I'll have to check it out in the nearish future, after I watch a few other things on my list. 

Minai99 Jul 13, 2013

You're right, it's certain that complaining about it from one fan to another doesn't change much in the long run, but almost every word I've heard about the anime industry only seems to reaffirm the state of the matter. Then again, there might be some piece of the picture that I'm absolutely unaware of that would change my perspective. What you mentioned about that consumer model definitely ISN'T a healthy one, though, and I certainly would not buy any anime if it was ridiculous like that. Personally, I like physical copies, but I don't wish for only physical copies, either. Digital copies tend to be of higher resolution and are more convenient. But from what I understand, most if not all of the people who get digital copies aren't paying for them. I know I'm not. And the animation studios only see a small portion of the profits legitimate online copies generate.

IMO, the idea that the anime industry won't change its business model anytime soon is exactly why it might eventually lead to a situation where they won't cater to our market anymore. I don't think it is reasonable that it should be on the american anime fan to adapt by learning japanese, and pay those exorbitant prices plus import prices, or resorting completely to piracy. We all have lives to lead and it's already a fairly hefty cost to semi-annually shell out the better part of a hundred dollars for box sets, but abandoning the american market would make it so much worse. Unfortunately, that might be how it ends up, but I think discussion about the matter, and bringing awareness to others can still be a good thing. I've heard some people say that "if the anime industry fails in america, it's their own damned fault for being too stupid to adapt to the times". Based on my limited information, I think that's harder than it might seem, and that it IS reasonable to ask the informed consumer, if he or she really is a fan, to try and meet them halfway, so to speak. I think there's a lot of people who watch anime that aren't aware of any of this. Sadly I think there's also a good portion of people who watch that don't give one care. It is just a cheap means of entertainment that they can easily replace with other entertainment if need be.

Anyways, yeah, I posted this to everyone cause I was definitely hoping to start a constructive debate about it. My opinions about the entire thing are far from finalized. Thanks for your input!

Minai99 Jul 12, 2013

Fyi, I posted my thoughts concerning that article/blog on codeman's page, in case you are interested. :)