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WasyaWenski Jun 19, 2010

Still watch anime? ^^

WasyaWenski Jan 1, 2010

... and happy new year :]

WasyaWenski Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas! ^^

WasyaWenski Dec 20, 2009


Yeah, it's really a great feeling when you can easily understand someone from another land, the bearer of foreign culture. Nowadays a lot of people think that it's enough to know only one, their own local language. I find it a pity. They stand apart from the world; they can only communicate with each other... ehh.

What's really funny, I could read and partially understand what you've written there in Japanese, though I know nothing about japanese grammar and all I've learnt are kana and some of simple kanji with their on and kunyomi. It's a little progress for me =D Something about understanding Japanese a little bit and communicating with friends, I guess?

And what about difficult languages, such as Arabic... I think it's really interesting to learn them =] When I started to learn kanji, I've got a big desire to learn Chinese, don't really know why. Ehh... but... if only I were not so lazy...

Oh, and as I can see, you're pretty good at martial arts... wow, I find it really cool =] Two black belts, one purple and one blue... All I have is just a 5th kyuu and an yellow belt in Real Aikido, but I'm trying to do my best and train hard to become a master one day :)

Rickoon Dec 15, 2009

You used to live on the east coast? I've only been there once to visit D.C. a few years ago. I was surprised there aren't any mountains since I've lived lived in the Gorge most of my life. Yeah, I have a long list of things to do over break too, like gettin ready for my Creative Writing application, and studying French. Going home to visit the family should be fun though. Are you going anywhere? The air in Seattle smells like garbage so I hope to get to go somewhre with fresh air.

I'm interested in Kimi ni Todoke, but I usually don't watch shows until they're done--I'm horrible at waiting for the next episode of a good show. Often I'll marathon a show over a few days. Please tell me if any others are good because I like getting recommendations. Spice and Wolf is one of my favorite series because of the subtle dialogue, vivid setting, and great characters that contrast the usual, overly-epic characters found in a lot of anime--Spice and Wolf II didn't dissappoint my pedestal. Even my sister that watches shows like "America's Next Top Model" loves Spice and Wolf. I think Horo's ears just slap the rest of Moe in the face by showing how good a character with ears can become in a good context. Later.