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Mirai Nikki: Review

16 APR

If you had asked me what I thought at episode 12 or 13, I would have said, "Why didn't they make it end here?" I felt that the show weakened in the middle, and that the pacing slowed and several of the characters (namely Yuno) started to get annoyingly repetetive in their actions. HOWEVER, I liked the last 4-5 episodes a lot. I thought the show regained its momentum, and that these episodes delved a bit deeper into the character's psyches and brought about a conclusion that was as realistic as one might expect from an anime! That is to say, I prefer it when things end tragically, with some nice hopeful bits, rather than glossing over the tragedy and making things end too neatly. That being said, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the potential for a spin-off series...

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