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Ended Winter 2012 NoitaminA Shows

25 MAR

  1. Black Rock Shooter: I liked the 1st OVA a lot, and the TV series was good, but not great. The designs for the characters' alternate egos were cool, and I really liked the first arc about Kagari and Yomi's relationship, but the rest of the story seemed to be missing something, imo. Maybe would have been better with a few more episodes???

  2. Guilty Crown: What a trainwreck. I really liked the first 8 or so episodes, and I think it would have been much better off if the writers had written a conclusion around that time. In going on (and on and on), the plot ended up jumping from place to place with little attention to transitions, and overall, the characters' motivations and personalities weakened over time. I thought Shuu's character development was stilted and hollow, while the female characters were never overly dimensional or appealing. Too much back-and-forthing on the writers' part, but the mecha battles were pretty fun.

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snivets avatar snivets
Mar 28, 2012

I kind of wish I had dropped Guilty Crown, but I have a goal to watch all NoitaminA shows ever. They do seem to do the best with josei, don't they?Re: your other comments...if you think of Black Rock Shooter as a big ol' metaphor, it probably will make it a lot easier to deal with. As for Thermae Romae, I have a review lying around a few blog entries ago, and I mostly thought it was silly and sort of interestingly nationalistic.Thanks for the comments! ^^

AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Mar 27, 2012

Urgh- I couldn't get past the first episode of Guilty Crown, and haven't yet steeled myself for Black Rock Shooter (though my wariness is probably ill-founded). I did watch Thermae Romae though, which aired in the noitaminA block right before BRS (hence why both are so short), and thoroughly enjoyed that, so this season wasn't an entire waste. Have you gotten around to that one yet?

Anyway. Pretty excited for Sakamichi no Apollon next season. I love my josei, and am always disappointed when the timeslot strays from it (unless they do something really arthousy/experimental in its stead).

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