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NamiYume avatar NamiYume


Mar 13, 2013

Hey~ In Hetalia, Tawain is Mei (totally forgot last name xD), and Wy is Ava Kirkland. I think they might be fan given names, I am not sure. Hope this helps~

default avatar nyncgirl


Oct 23, 2011

Iceland Is Tyr (With a little dash over the y) norway is Tore. (They both look like they hate life) Taiwan I COMPLETELY forgot I'm so sorry! And I was looking for cuba myself... Seborga is Marcello. I don''t know what Wy is... Grandpa Rome is Romulus Vargas. Germania is Legolas. Holy Rome doesn't really have one from what I know. They normally call him HRE. And Seychelles is Michelle so her nick name can still be Chelles. I HOPE THAT HELPED:)

terryschoccyorange avatar terryschoccyorange


May 17, 2011
terryschoccyorange avatar terryschoccyorange


May 14, 2011

I've had a look around, the author of Hetalia has stopped giving characters names, but if you look back at my blog, I've added names that fans have given to nameless countries.

Hope that helps :)

terryschoccyorange avatar terryschoccyorange


May 14, 2011


The Hetalia names on my blog are currently all the ones the author has given to countries. I'm not sure if he's going to give any more, but if he does, I'll certainly update my blog :D

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