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Tyranid5 Jul 17, 2012

Hi, thanks for your recent character submission.

I think that you were trying to submit a picture, but we are currently having an issue with our character images. If that's what you were trying to do you can send me a link to the picture and I can give you feedback, if it's good then I'll upload it whenever we are able to do so once again.

bunnies10 Jul 17, 2012

Cake-kun~! Me too! I guess OZ loads faster because we're on it more.... You guys aren't online!! NOOO!!! How r we going to RP???

ianimefeebz Jul 17, 2012

aww that sucks ~_~... at least you two are pretty active ^3^

ianimefeebz Jul 17, 2012

I KNOW!! sucks >.<, i was gonna edit mine because it said "cooing" instead of cooking -_-, now how are we gonna edit for our rps? LOL

ianimefeebz Jul 17, 2012

but...? :O

we'll rp when kimmy is on i guess? she has to make her app as well ^_^