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Tyranid5 Jul 18, 2012

Thanks! The problem just emerged recently. And we haven't finished debugging it yet. Announcement wasn't made since only character mods can upload pictures that will show on the site anyways. :P

So we can just get the pictures this way if they meet the guidelines xD We hope to have it fixed soon though.

bunnies10 Jul 18, 2012

Studio Ghibli films! *^*b NOOO!!!! We can't RP because of time zone differences!! RAWRR!!! You and Feebz-chan go on when (Over here) it's like 2 AM in the morining!! :(

ianimefeebz Jul 18, 2012

omg LOL i had a feeling you were talking about the kpop academy >~<first day was okay.. in PE, people who didn't bring their uniform had to copy out like 2 pages of writing -__- ...

^.^ i guess it's pretty time consuming, especially since i always have to use the thesaurus, (online ofc) because i'm a noob and can only think of words like 'walk, said"  lol ~_~ 

oh yes it's first day btw.. well you've already decided ROFL (entrance ceremony) :Dumm we're in freshmen year, i guess? i dunno since you put yourself as 17, and kimmy ish 16, and i am 15 OAO.. it'll be kind've boring if we're all in diff classes, so let's just stick together ^3^

ianimefeebz Jul 18, 2012

first day of school, for me C:? (today ish second day)

i bet there good! o3o wakaka, i wunna read *^* ~ (omg i love this emotion now, because of kimmy XD)

aw it's okay, at least you have the motivation to work hard :D (unlike me...) 

(just searched it up) Lunaesence seems interesting :o

ianimefeebz Jul 17, 2012

yeah I guess but it would be a nuisance >.<

LOL nope I suck at writing stories tho Iwould like to write a fanfiction C;

i have a feeling you write them ^^