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bunnies10 Jul 19, 2012

I wish I could Cake-kun, but my internet sucks! >.< My Neighbor Totoro is a cute movie! ^^

O.O Happy Tree Friends!! OMG!!! You're signature has Flaky and Flippy in it!!! *^*b

ianimefeebz Jul 19, 2012

hey who's your favourite Hetalia character? ^_^ ~

bunnies10 Jul 19, 2012

Ahh!!! I wanna watch The Cat Returuns and Princess Monoke!! The Secret World of Arietty is already out on DVD!!! I wanna buy it!!! *^*

..... I think we've had this conversation on OZ! XD

ianimefeebz Jul 19, 2012


bunnies10 Jul 18, 2012

YUSH!!! Hayao Myazaki is EPIC!!! *^*b What Studio Ghibli films have a watched?

One post per day...?? Really?? XD