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As of episode 8:

Currently, it is a love-hate relationship.  I love the show, but I really hate it.  I'm always really hoping that this week, things will finally work out between Sawako and Kazehaya, but I've had my hope crushed too many times.  Now, instead of being hopeful, I am most often cynical, I find myself thinking, how are things going to be screwed up this week?

Even my boyfriend agrees, the show is great, but it's almost torture to watch it week after week.  I just really hope that it works out in the end.


So, I just watched episode 9 and I'm really excited for the next episode, however, I'm still waiting for the ball to drop.  I really hope it doesn't, I'd like to start seeing some of the interesting trials and tribulations that these two would go through as a couple.  Of course, that would become its own new source of tension and anxiety from week to week.

Update episode 10:

Well, I'm pretty happy with things now.  I am wondering though, does anyone know if this is going to end after 13 episodes or is it going to go for 25 like the first season?

Final Update:

So, the season is over and I must say that I'm very pleased with the way it ended.  I would've been nice if they had gone into a little more detail with the happenings at the end.  I was dying to know if the show would continue on to another season.  So, I went and found a translation of the manga online and read ahead.  It makes sense as to why they stopped here, the manga is still being written and hopefully they're just waiting for more chapters to come out so that they have more to work with.  Let's just say that if they don't continue on with the anime at a later date, they're stupid!

9/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Erazial Mar 30, 2011

Myanimelist says its 12 episode only -sigh-, I agree with the slow pace thing but i peronally like it as is :D

smilieface23 Mar 13, 2011

yes polkaadottiee, Sawako does sabotage every situation, but I think that Kazehaya must also take some of the blame the last few episodes.  He used to always be so patient and always gave her time to spit out what she wanted to say, not jumping to conclusions; however, lately it seems like he assumes that her lack of ability to say something because she is so nervous, which he used to understand so well, now means something else.  It's a crazy show.

polkaadottiee Mar 12, 2011

It is very frustrating. I love the show and I can't stop waching it, but Sawako is just a hard character to bear. She sabotages every situation in her own head!!!! The whole show so far has just been absolutely torturous and so addicting

ShiupeliS Mar 9, 2011

I totaly agree with you, this show is great, but at the same time torture to watch.

P.S. Cant wait for next episode.