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I am skyphoenix. Thanks for taking your time to view my profile. :)

Not many people tend to read manga, I've been to many profiles but I rarely see anyone who reads manga, just anime which is a shame.

I urge anime watchers to read manga and manga readers to share your opinions about any manga that has yet to become anime. 

BTW, I would just like to say when it comes to anime I love action and violence but when it comes to manga, I tend to read shoujo... Mainly because Shoujo is a bit more boring to watch but exciting to read and action/violence is more entertaining to watch than to read... I don't know, I guess it's just a personal opinion.

See how cute it is!!


It all started with this masterpiece, Skip Beat! and Ouran High, when my sister introduced it to me in primary school (or elementary, whatever you call it) which are both summed up in these two images.

 And then I read my first shoujo manga in year 7

Fruits Basket!!

And from there I went crazy... And the first anime I watched by myself was...

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



I normally like the survival game genre such as Mirai Nikki, Btooom!, Deadman Wonderland and Sci-Fi, as in time travel not aliens such as Steins;Gate and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Movie) although most anime movies tend to be slow-paced which kinda annoys me. 


But if I had to say what my favourite anime is I would say Key Anime!! (Kanon not as much) - basically anything that can make me cry... so Angel Beats!, Clannad and Little Busters!

And there are also some other anime that has made me cry that isn't Key such as AnoHana and biggest tearjerker for me was Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

~ skyphoenix

Leave a comment below :)

P.S. Sorry for going crazy on the gifs.

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winspirit Jul 14, 2016

Yeah, they truly are. And yes, i'm already reading some webtoon, i don't like all of them, but most of those that i already tried are great. They deserve a chance if you ask me. ^.^

winspirit Jul 8, 2016

Hi! Thank you for your message! I'm glad to know that someone think that about me. I'm trying to read the mangas that seems interesting, even i didn't know that i read so many mangas, haha...until you told me. 

kawaiihimesama Jun 22, 2016

Yes I totally agree! I end up buying most of my anime and manga online. Have you bought from Book Depository? that's where I get most of my manga from. They do free shipping worldwide and manga is at a good price, ranging from nz$11-17 for single copies and depending on publication and popularity. This deffinitely beats the $22+ pricetag elsewhere, and it should be pretty similar in au$. 

OOH! also there's the Madman Anime expo in Melbourne in September, do you know about that? I was sooo excited to find out about this! We have a similar sort of thing in NZ called Armageddon that goes around most of the larger cities, and it's really cool, everyone gets really into it and there's always lots of cosplayers. But it's NZ so it's not on the type of scale of comiccon and others that they have in the US. But the anime expo looks like it's going to be really cool, they are even going to have some Japanese voice actors AND directors AND producers! and a tokyo ghoul exhibition! I'm totally fangirling just thinking about it! It's going to be soo fun!

Also sorry it took me ages to respond. I'm usually out of brain stamina once i get home from work :P

kawaiihimesama Jun 18, 2016

I totally agree, I feel like I'm going to end up watching way more anime by watching them weekly, as well as watching different types that I normally wouldn't consider. Because with the new anime there's no established views or anything about them, so you're more free to make up your own mind about them, by watching them week by week. That also means you might find anime you really like, even if later the general concensus might not feel the same way, you know what I mean? 

I'm deffinitley excited about the coming seasons, and what anime I might come across!

I actually didn't get properly into anime, manga and otaku culture until a couple of years ago, I think, about the last few years of high school. Probably because it's such a tiny sub-culture in New Zealand, and it's so hard to get hold of manga and anime in their physical formats :( But that's meant that I've always had plenty of spare time to watch a lot of anime that I want to - and I don't think I've tried watching a whole season in one day or night! I would probably only do that if I'm going to re-watch a series I loved, like Zankyou No Terror or deadman wonderland, just so I can fully emerse myself in the anime's world.

kawaiihimesama Jun 18, 2016

Haha, come to think of it, I do have a lot of anime that I've stalled. I have a habit of checking out a lot of anime to see what the vibe and the style is like. So I tend to watch the first couple episodes and then decide what I'm really keen on and will watch it now, or if I know I'll probably enjoy later, so I put it to the side for later viewing. I can't really help myself :P I'll get the urge to have a look at something new, and that's probably why my stalled list has grown.

Also, with a lot of the other anime on there that I've got a decent way through, it's usually how the story is progressing that makes me want to put it to the side. Whether it be that I start losing interest in it, or it's not grabbing me as much, I won't usually drop and anime. I am a completionist, so I'll really try to give most anime the benefit of the doubt and watch through to the end. But honestly, looking back through my stalled list, there are a few that really should be on my dropped list o.0

You mentioned that you're watching Re:Zero, and I'm planning to start watching it after I've finished most of the new season anime. It wasn't my first pick of anime either but I've gotten some reccommendations to watch it so I think I'll give it a try. 

Up until this season I haven't really tried watching anime weekly as they come out. And I found it's been good for those anime that I'm interested in but not fully commited to, so that I'll watch through to the end. I've also found it's exciting to see when there's new episodes out!

It's just finding time to watch all the currently airing anime AND all the other anime that I really want to watch :O haha