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Janurary 11th- Well well, quite the time space. Lets see...I haven't had all that much time for anime, except the once a week episode of Bleach. And in addition to buying yaoi, I also am really into buying anime box sets as of late. See, I got this bookshelf and really want to fill one shelf with yaoi and the other with anime. Fufufufu, it's my goal now, although it frightens my mom. Still uploading videos, though at a relatively slower pace. Also, I've uploaded fanfics I'm writing! Which worries me, since, I am horrible with writer's block and actually finishing stories. But I suppose I'll only get over it with more practice right?


July 4th- Happy Fourth of July everybody! I'm really bored. I currently got obbsessed with V(Neu) and LM.C and even more JRock bands. God I love the internet...I want pink faerie wings now...Anywho, lots of things have been happening. Still on vacation, I'm staying even longer now. Which is good and bad. Good cause I get more time with my friends, but bad cause I have to keep starting new projects on youtube cause I don't have a scanner to finish up my other yaoi projects...Very annoying. My sister just moved into this KICK ass house, I love it, I get the downstairs to myself -sigh- While I'm here that is....I am currently...Avoiding work! Both sides. Yup yup.

May 17- Yeah I should probably start erasing some of my previous random blogs....Anyway, I have 51 videos on youtube now. Sorry I haven't been on lately, my finals just finished ((YESH! -dies-)) and I am planning to go back to Anchorage within a few days for the summer ((Hope uke doesn't see this...)). Hopefully after I get there I can start watching anime again cause there were a lot I had been wanting to finish but just wasn't able to.

Apirl 5 - Wow, it's been quite a while since I posted anything...Anyway, I have about 40 videos I believe uploaded on youtube, and I'm surprised about how many subscribers I get a day xD. Anyway, I'm always happy to get new friends, and I've lately been on a streak of either finding them, or them finding me, so I am in a good mood. Not much else I can think of to say except THE SNOW IS FINALLY MELTING HERE!! I'M SOOOO HAPPY!!

February 3 - Yay! I'm excited, I got 3 yaoi manga videos up. If you want to check them out look here:


If you do watch these, I would LOVE it if you commented either there or on here. Tell me how i could improve and what you thought. Cause really....I'm losing the willpower to upload Love is Like A Hurricane really....Fast.

January 5 - Ish going to diiiiiiiie. It's 6am WHY AM I STILL UP?!? Ish very very tired...And all my nachos and popsicles are gone...All my junkyfood....Gone...You stupid person....You annoy me to high heaven, I WILL WIN THIS BET AND GET MY YAOI!! ((I HOPE you're reading this Jonnie!!)) I have to make it through all...of....these....mangas...Gggrrrrr....Ish going to die by the end of the night. Uke! My will that is of course still written on pink Post-Its is in your underwear drawer!!~~ Ah..Fun times...Fun fun times, well, ish going to continue...watching...All of these damn things, then pass out!! I love you all....I'm going to die...Jonnie....I hate you like homophobes hate yaoi...

January 3 - I am preeeetty bored right now. I, even though I said I was taking a break, watch like 10 episodes of Bleach last night, and I don't really want to watch anything at the moment...I'm waiting very very impatiently for it to be Friday, because I really want my bunnnnnnny!!~

December 29 - So, my profile is going to become steadily longer, I just know it. Since I like putting random things on here, but don't like deleting anything ^-^. Anyways, I really want some more rp buddies, cause, I'm one of those freaks who like to juggle a lot of things at once, and like to always be occupied doing something, and since my anime shows load up sooooo slowly, I think I'll take a little break from watching any ((Love it while it lasts my dear uke :P)). So, instead, since I now live in the North Pole ((I now have a wild goose I named Kujo who likes to hang around my house xD)), and have nothing else better to do, I just spend my time on msn rping....So yeah! If you like to rp, don't hesitate to add me on msn or yahoo, just make sure to leave a comment telling me so! Especially if it's on Yahoo, since I don't really have many interesting people to talk to on there I tend to not sign in *_*. So, that's the end of my rambling tonight, but of course, check back in a few days and they'll probably be a random comment on there from me!!

Well, i enjoy watching anime, and reading manga. Recently my tastes have swayed towards yaoi. I've actually unintentionally got my best friend hooked on them, and we just spent $260 on twenty yaoi books, and have already ordered more. Anyway, i love anime that leaves me laughing, although my side still hurts from the anime i just watched, and there are quite a few plots that i enjoy, however old-fashioned they may be, if it's written right, it never gets old.

Me and my friend have this little contest thing going on with who's watched the most. I showed her how to watch anime online, and now she does that a lot, we even got her sister into it. And since I've been grounded, she's caughten up a bit, and even surpassed me in one show. But that's only one show hehehe...

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ChibiYaoiOtaku Mar 29, 2009

Heh..its funny that u seem so grown up online but ur only in grade 10...

ahhhh...only 1 more year than i can be a university student...also, mimi told me about how the whole GPA system works and even though she gave me a really detailed explanation of it...i still dont really understand how it works XD surprised how u lot can actually just ask ur parents for alcohol and they'll actually buy it for u, did ya brainwash them? XD and now i really wanna see what ur like when ur drunk XD it must be funnier than seeing my baby brother pull my dad's balls XD

Daquan sounds soooo cute, yeah...i know how u feel...i just cant concentrate on complicated animes when joshua is with me so when he comes in, i always watch some stupid, comedic anime, and LOL now, he gets my video games, points to the characters and ask "whos that?" awwww...if u come online again, ill bring him in ands turn on the webcam, then u can see him bashing the keyboard and me trying to stop him XD

yeah..i agree that the 2nd KH game had much better game elements just didnt seem like KH anymore, it was meant to be 3 part disney and 1 part FF but doesnt seem to have that disney feel to it anymore, also, they;re taking the franchise wayy to far now (LOL not as bad as FF thoiugh XD) since SE is releasing all these spin offs and prequels but...wheres KH 3?

*cries* by miss skye-sensei...yaoi is icky and yuri is tasty XD erm...ive only heard of 2 of those bands (an cafe and janne da arc) because of the anime songs they've sung, should i listen to more of their music?

ChibiYaoiOtaku Mar 26, 2009

LOL!!! our spring break is called the "easter break" Aand we start...well..the week after next, YAY!!! wow...this half term went by sooo quickly!!!

Also...YOU GOT HONOUR ROLE!!!! *clap clap then silence* what is honour role? i assume its something u get when ur super smart right? but didnt u say ur grades were Fs confused'dood XD YAY!! u got a new phone, what kind was it? was it one that can transform into a giant robot? XD

awww...its great that u and ur friends became closer...i wish my old friends werent so uninterested with emotions (things ive noticed, girls and anime fans are more open with their emotions) LOL!!! why didnt u get drunk? that would have been hilarious XD hyperness+insanity X alcohol =LOL!

awww..its cute that ur brothers love u that much, joshua is like that, he always liek to come into my room and read my manga and play with my figurines (even though hes 2, also, he loves astro boy and naruto) so ur a cosplayer now? YAY!!!

but thats soo cool about forming ur own organizations XIII, also, turns out theres loads of cosplayers in london (soo many fangirls as organization XIII members) but they've pretty much dissappeared ever since there were some death threats.

BTW!! KINGDOM HEARTS SUCKS!!!! well now it does XD sorry if i caused u any offence but i think they;ve lost it with KH, ive been a KH fan since the beginning but now...its but a pale shadow of its former self...

also, YURI YURI YURI!!! XD yeah...from what joshua is like, i wonder what my child will turn up like XD i mean, hes already like my butler (yes...he puts my bag and coat away when i get in, he gets me drinks, he fetches me my controllers, he puts food in my mouth) though he can be a little violent sometimes (e.g. he always hits my grandparents, last night, he hit me and said "NO!!" so i gave him a little tap and said "NO!" back to him then he goes over to the tv, picks up the 2 foot vinyl mario DS holder, picks mario up by his legs, walks over to me and whacks me round the head shouting "NO!" was painful...heh heh...also, he now says "SHUT UP!!" And "WHAT!!!" now XD hmm..ill teach joshua some of those words, also, what does miyavi mean?


heh...erm...what love life? XD  but erm...i guess its erm...ok...nothing really going on but...i guess i might be gaining feelings for someone...heh...thought it would never happen again since im sorta like phoenix wright XD and also...MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! IM STILL STRAIGHT!!!! truthfull, ive fallen for an older man and then he started *** * ** * ** * * ** ** * then we both became bishies XDXDXD

also, i completley agree, life wouldnt be as fun without misunderstandings.


also, i wont be able to answer until sunday evening cause ill be on this biology trip for the whole weekend, but i promise to answer as soon as i get back.

ChibiYaoiOtaku Mar 25, 2009

ah...what such determination...what a beautiful thing to have in this day and age...remember, even if ur in a leg brace, u can still cause havoc MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

also, *whimpers* dont worry, even though u and mimi havent been here to feed me...ive still sorta been feed *lies down from malnutrition*

heh...yeah..i would try to appreciate my old friends but...they've all changed...ones become a complete, arrogant work addict, the other's become completly addicted to Xbox live, etc...

tut...tut...u passed out...were u drunk? (if u were, what is it like?) yeah...i cant wait until the spring break...only one more week...then i can study more my summer exams, work on my cosplay outfit and watch anime. also, i got the results back from my winter exams *cries...* didnt do that well...loads of people did  really badly...our school said these were the worse set of results that AS students have ever got in the school's history XD

Also, u hate children? *cries* but children are adorable!!! also, my baby brother has grown a lot, he can know recognise most nintendo characters, loads of obscure anime characters and do tricks like a doggy XD funniest thing he did was pull my dad's balls, i was rolling on the floor laughing my head off!!!!

erm...havent been up to much else...tried to learn how to play the violin *failing miserbly*, drving lessons (doing ok surprisingly) and going out with friends. OH!!! and cosplaying more XD also...heh heh..someone has caught ur dear puppy's still hurt when they removed them then played catch with them XD XD XD but really? what do u mean by "catch my eyes"? u mean like if ive fallen in love with anyone'dood? *tilts head to one side, tilts head too much and head rolls off*

well...cant think of anything else more to say for now...well..i wish u a speedy recovery and eternal happiness. BYE!!!

ChibiYaoiOtaku Mar 24, 2009

*whimpers* mimi-sama hasnt been online to feed me... *SUPER ULTRA MEGA GLOMP* I MISSED YOU!!!!!  its been ages since uve been online, as far as i remember, the last time u were online was when i got my iphone and according to my iphone that was 3 months ago, LOL sorry, i just really love that thing XD

*cries and hugs you* Poor u...i hope u get better soon, makes my bad luck yesterday seem like nothing in comparison. erm...actually...since ive last talked to life has actually been quite good...ive finally made friends (real life and more online) and playing a video game called Persona 3 has really helped me, because of that game, i gained confidence and talked to more people then i became really good friends with someone of a forum and i found out she was the same age as me, we lived within travelling distance of each other and we have the same interests as each other, how lucky is that'kupo? XD LOL so of course we met and have become friends.

ur poor lappy *casts heal did nothing...* also, my msn adress is "[email protected]". I wanna talk to u again.....also, *steals vocab* anygays will not be used in my everyday speech XD

*whimpers* dont leave ur slave puppy...a slave puppy needs food, love and attention and...*slowly dies...* XD

Animedreamer240 Mar 23, 2009

LUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are u still alive!! T_T -cry-