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Janurary 11th- Well well, quite the time space. Lets see...I haven't had all that much time for anime, except the once a week episode of Bleach. And in addition to buying yaoi, I also am really into buying anime box sets as of late. See, I got this bookshelf and really want to fill one shelf with yaoi and the other with anime. Fufufufu, it's my goal now, although it frightens my mom. Still uploading videos, though at a relatively slower pace. Also, I've uploaded fanfics I'm writing! Which worries me, since, I am horrible with writer's block and actually finishing stories. But I suppose I'll only get over it with more practice right?


July 4th- Happy Fourth of July everybody! I'm really bored. I currently got obbsessed with V(Neu) and LM.C and even more JRock bands. God I love the internet...I want pink faerie wings now...Anywho, lots of things have been happening. Still on vacation, I'm staying even longer now. Which is good and bad. Good cause I get more time with my friends, but bad cause I have to keep starting new projects on youtube cause I don't have a scanner to finish up my other yaoi projects...Very annoying. My sister just moved into this KICK ass house, I love it, I get the downstairs to myself -sigh- While I'm here that is....I am currently...Avoiding work! Both sides. Yup yup.

May 17- Yeah I should probably start erasing some of my previous random blogs....Anyway, I have 51 videos on youtube now. Sorry I haven't been on lately, my finals just finished ((YESH! -dies-)) and I am planning to go back to Anchorage within a few days for the summer ((Hope uke doesn't see this...)). Hopefully after I get there I can start watching anime again cause there were a lot I had been wanting to finish but just wasn't able to.

Apirl 5 - Wow, it's been quite a while since I posted anything...Anyway, I have about 40 videos I believe uploaded on youtube, and I'm surprised about how many subscribers I get a day xD. Anyway, I'm always happy to get new friends, and I've lately been on a streak of either finding them, or them finding me, so I am in a good mood. Not much else I can think of to say except THE SNOW IS FINALLY MELTING HERE!! I'M SOOOO HAPPY!!

February 3 - Yay! I'm excited, I got 3 yaoi manga videos up. If you want to check them out look here:


If you do watch these, I would LOVE it if you commented either there or on here. Tell me how i could improve and what you thought. Cause really....I'm losing the willpower to upload Love is Like A Hurricane really....Fast.

January 5 - Ish going to diiiiiiiie. It's 6am WHY AM I STILL UP?!? Ish very very tired...And all my nachos and popsicles are gone...All my junkyfood....Gone...You stupid person....You annoy me to high heaven, I WILL WIN THIS BET AND GET MY YAOI!! ((I HOPE you're reading this Jonnie!!)) I have to make it through all...of....these....mangas...Gggrrrrr....Ish going to die by the end of the night. Uke! My will that is of course still written on pink Post-Its is in your underwear drawer!!~~ Ah..Fun times...Fun fun times, well, ish going to continue...watching...All of these damn things, then pass out!! I love you all....I'm going to die...Jonnie....I hate you like homophobes hate yaoi...

January 3 - I am preeeetty bored right now. I, even though I said I was taking a break, watch like 10 episodes of Bleach last night, and I don't really want to watch anything at the moment...I'm waiting very very impatiently for it to be Friday, because I really want my bunnnnnnny!!~

December 29 - So, my profile is going to become steadily longer, I just know it. Since I like putting random things on here, but don't like deleting anything ^-^. Anyways, I really want some more rp buddies, cause, I'm one of those freaks who like to juggle a lot of things at once, and like to always be occupied doing something, and since my anime shows load up sooooo slowly, I think I'll take a little break from watching any ((Love it while it lasts my dear uke :P)). So, instead, since I now live in the North Pole ((I now have a wild goose I named Kujo who likes to hang around my house xD)), and have nothing else better to do, I just spend my time on msn rping....So yeah! If you like to rp, don't hesitate to add me on msn or yahoo, just make sure to leave a comment telling me so! Especially if it's on Yahoo, since I don't really have many interesting people to talk to on there I tend to not sign in *_*. So, that's the end of my rambling tonight, but of course, check back in a few days and they'll probably be a random comment on there from me!!

Well, i enjoy watching anime, and reading manga. Recently my tastes have swayed towards yaoi. I've actually unintentionally got my best friend hooked on them, and we just spent $260 on twenty yaoi books, and have already ordered more. Anyway, i love anime that leaves me laughing, although my side still hurts from the anime i just watched, and there are quite a few plots that i enjoy, however old-fashioned they may be, if it's written right, it never gets old.

Me and my friend have this little contest thing going on with who's watched the most. I showed her how to watch anime online, and now she does that a lot, we even got her sister into it. And since I've been grounded, she's caughten up a bit, and even surpassed me in one show. But that's only one show hehehe...

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ChibiYaoiOtaku Apr 17, 2009

yep, got ur fanfic!!! what anime is it from? fruits baskets?

also *cries* i wont be able to talk to u much on msn because my easter break finished today and we have final exams in a month and we still havent been taught everything yet.

ChibiYaoiOtaku Apr 16, 2009

YAY!!!! I just made cookies and they turned out perfectly!!!! well...i ended up making one giant cookie so i had to cut it up but other than that...THEY WERE GREAT!!!!! the chocolate that seeped into the batter...the softness...the warmth..!!! AH!!!! soooo great...also, i made sweet and sour chicken... heres my view on it

+ such a fabulous aroma, looks beautiful (its a translucent red) and a brillaint taste!!!!!! sweet yet spicy

- its really spicy and i mean spicy...if u can perservere though the pain, its an explosion of flavour!!! is REALLLYYYYY hot...heh...guess thats what i get for soaking it in sweet chilli sauce all day XD

*cries* yeah...i have hayfever and loads of other allergies *tries mimi's special OJ* mmm...tasty *develops allergic reaction and dies*

LOL!!! it sounds like ur using them for their internet connection and why doesnt ur school like i mean..just because its a site where fangirls can post gay fanfics of their favourite characters having gay sex doesnt mean..oh...XD

and as long as im with mistress, im happy too!!! Mistress is sooo amazing and kind...adopting me...a little lost puppy XD LOL!!! i was confused aswell for a moment, for a moment, i though women can reproduce then...huh? then i realised XD

and if i lived near u, i would build a little house on ur door and live there....while in a dog suit (Like the one joey wore in yugioh XD) *does puppy dog eyes* uke-ish....*whimper* i dont wanna be bottom...XD

ChibiYaoiOtaku Apr 15, 2009

*cries* a n00bish otaku...i dont know anything about that outside world XD ok..imm really not like that was such a beautiful day...a gentle breeze...the birds chirping...the bright sun..the roses swaying in front of my window...the pure white cherry blossoms gliding through the air...AND IM INSIDE THE FUCKING HOUSE SNEEZING MY FUKCING NOSE OFF DUE TO MY FUCKING HAYFEVER!!!!! WHILE TRYING TO REVISE MATHS!!!! *Cries*

also, with the rave thingy...i assume that LSD and casual sex are at a rave aswell right? and i sooo wanna see ur fanfics!!!! also...why not write a fanfic about 2 real life male friends then find a friend who can draw really well then draw a doujin of them but as bishies XD hehe sex in the forest...SEND ME!!!!

*cries* but mistress...ur precious yaoi puppy needs to go outside for oxygen...but if im with mistress...i would be happy XD

and if life was like an anime, i would have died like 50 times and life would be like excel saga when i come back to life in a few seconds then life would be all loud and coliurful and hilarious XD

also, all boys all pushy like that, though when im pushy, its more like "hey, wanna go shopping or see a film? but...i miss u...i love spending time with you"

*tummy rumbles* im still hungry mistress...LOL!!! screaming that in choir...hehe poop!!!!!

ChibiYaoiOtaku Apr 12, 2009

XD im not corrupting him, im just making him into an otaku...which i guess is even worse XD

wow...thats can look younger and older by a difference of 6 years, OOOOOOO i soooo want that ability, hehe i wanna be able to pay child prices again.

What is a rave? ( a n00b XD) but its good that life has gotten better for u. OOOOO what did u buy? a few hundred dollars worth of yaoi manga right?also, pwease send me some of ur one-shots when they're finished, i wanna see, OOOO whats the pairing in them?

also, surpringly, i dont actually have any yuri in my house/collection...weird isnt it...most of it is CLAMP and loads of old mangas. hmm...maybe i should buy yuri but *cries* there arent any yuri mangas out. GRRRR stupid yaoi taking up the same sex manga market XD hehe...i think im gonna dress up as a ninja and steal all ur yaoi (notices that the nearest thing i can get to a ninja outfit is a naruto cosplay outfit) oh screw it, ill dress up as naruto then sneak into ur house. XD

hehe...ur stalker DJ friend sounds like a fun guy to be around...except for the whole "lets have sex now! what bout now? now?! how about now?" attitude XD and then...i can imagine ur life becoming like one big doujin, thats why we should be happy that life is real and not one big anime XD

*puppy glomp* thank u mistress...*eats puppy food* but then again...human meat is better that dog food *starts drooling then jumps up and starts eating ur friend*



ChibiYaoiOtaku Apr 8, 2009

You know whats really peaceful? Watching Dragonball Kai with joshua dozing off in my lap, drinking his bottle while pointing to goku and calling him "coco" and every time he sees goku, he says "big hair".

XD so u look older than u really are? isnt that the opposite of what most people want? XD

But wow...*claps* WELL DONE!!!! *rubs ur head* how can he say "tsk"?! shouldnt the brilliant results in english balance it all out. i wuv the word "balance". dont worry, ur stress will go soon and u can once again bask in yaoi goodness

also, joshua is now officially scared of ryuk and the death note, hehe..he got my death note dvd, the dvd box is a death note, and he was reading it then  he saw ryuk upon which, joshua says "dont like, scary". he loves REM though XD

dont worry, puppies cant get infected by the yuri virus and the yaoi antidote is ineffective, only more yuri can cure it XD

u have a stalker? is he/she like a comedic stalker (like most moe anime girls with glasses u see in animes) or is he/she a creepy stalker (like me-mania from perfect blue)?

BAD FRIEND!!!!! SHES PUPPY'S FOOD!!! (starts eating skye-kun)