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I'm a 24 years old swede who mainly likes odd sci-fi shows (preferrably devoid of mechas) like Texhnolyze and Ghost In The Shell but is also very fond of things on the opposite side of the spectrum like Digi Charat and Ghibli movies. I guess you could say that what I like the most is things that doesn't try to be much more than entertaining.

Most if not all animes that tries to be deep and thoughtprovoking fail at it because they fail to realise that anime is a visual media. In visual media you work with moving pictures as you all know so sticking long monologues that could as well been part of a book is poor storytelling. While I have nothing against shows bringing up philosophical concepts it always goes to far when a character suddenly has to explain how it all works. No doubt a hard thing to balance but when it's done right it is glorious, sadly it very rarely is.

So, when I review shows that simply are often gets bonus points while most that tries to be deep and thoughtprovoking gets a point deduction simply because they fail at it. My ideal animes is in other words Laputa, Castle in the Sky and Cowboy Bebop while the absolute worst anime I know of is Elfen Lied.

Anyway, my scores works as such;

1 - There is nothing nice to say about things as vile as the ones I award a 1. The only show I've ever seen that I dislike this much is Elfen Lied.

2 - Very very bad, there are few things worthwhile about these shows if anything at all.

3 - Still awful but the show might have some minor positive thing about it. Bad generic ecchi like DearS might fit here.

4 - Subpar and boring, the bad things still outweigh the good ones even though there might be some good points.

5 - Mediocre and lackluster but might interest fans of the genre.

6 - Shows promise and is interesting enough to warrant a full watch. Though still some bad things about it.

7 - Definitely a good anime, while there may be issues it's still recommended if you like the genre.

8 - Without a doubt a highly watchable show, the good points far outweigh the bad ones though there still are minor problems.

9 - Great shows that I recommend anyone to watch, very few faults with it.

10 - Only rewarded to my personal favourites, while perhaps not perfect in my mind they are damn near.

Also be reminded that everything I write is opinion, if you disagree with me feel free to argue but if I don't like your favourite anime just don't take it personal.

Finally the overall score will often vary wildly from the rest of the scores. My overall score is what I thought about the show, whether I actually liked it or not while I'll try and be at least somewhat objective when setting the other scores.

Also I have a lame blog at

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skrotkanon Jun 12, 2011

I don't suppose you were at Upcon then? Big anime convention in Uppsala each year, gathers at least three to four hundred anime fans if not many more (I haven't been to one in five years or so).

SadisticTendencies Jun 11, 2011

Seems to be quite a few people from Sweden on the site; prior to stumbling upon a few profiles I thought Swedish Anime-viewers were endangered species^^

skrotkanon May 24, 2011

I've considered becoming a journalist and at times an author but right now I'm just working and trying to figure out what I really want to do in the long run.

Thanks for checking out my stuff, hope you enjoyed at least some of it. :)

DBZAOTA482 May 22, 2011

I've seen some of your comments and you seem to be an intellegant, tell me, do you consider becoming a writer?

thegoldenwaste May 6, 2011

Thanks for checking out my Elfen Lied review and the profile comment. I certainly did not mean to come across as a snob, but I can come across as such quite often and I apoligize if I offended you in any way, shape or form and extend that to the following comment in its entirety. I have been meaning to change the wording a bit for some time now in my profile/bio but let me elaborate in this gigantic and likely quite rambling wall of text.

My comments and sentiments are directed more at the people who buy and support ecchi/fanservice series than anything else. The overall public opinion of anime fans is not positive and when things like Strike Witches, Sekirei, Freezing, Ikkitousen, Elfen Lied and Queen's Blade do exceptionally well in sales and well received in the United States and North America, it does nothing to improve the fandom's image of being perverted and mentally ill people, per why I am distancing myself away from the anime fandom in North America. I have no qualms with people who like Naruto, Bleach and other shounen properties.

I've held similar panels at American conventions discussing this kind of subject about public perception and potential fans, so I am used to taking criticism and the occasional booing. What people don't realize is that with all the fanservice anime in the US market, they are turning off potential fans and creating a lot of problems for existing fans. I am trying to show the prospective fans ans the general public that there is more to anime than boobies and loli/shota. I mean, it is an unrealistic aspiration but its one I have yet to give up on.

I can't really remove all the ecchi/fanservice anime in the world, but I can open people's minds up to other anime and show there is more to see and behold - whether it be Naruto, Bleach, Black Butler or Texhnoylze, Boogiepop Phantom, Hajime no Ippo. I tell them there really is more to anime. Although to be fair, the fangirls from the Hetalia and Black Butler fanbases could turn off people really easily but I don't see them being a particular threat. :P

I would disagree with you about taste not meaning anything. I think it means everything. It defines who you are down to the very core. It evolves and ages over time, much like mine has. I used to like the shounen stuff and fanservice stuff.  If one does not have taste, then it would be pretty sad and pitiful. Opinions on the other hand, I don't listen to period. It saves time and stress. Other people's opinions of things have let me down in the past. Using my own taste and experiences, I have never been let down nor do I see it changing anytime soon.

Individuals are free to like whatever they want, they all have unique and well, individual taste. One person may not like Picasso's art but another does. One may not like Quentin Tarantino's works but another does. One may not like Naruto but another does. Taste defines us and is one of the core elements of our individuality.

In regards to the P.S., I don't usually respond to posts in my reviews. I have already said my peace and if one doesn't like it, well, deal with it. I like to be blunt, I should note. Although I do respond to comments on my profile (or try to) as a motion of common courtesy and good will.