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I'm a 24 years old swede who mainly likes odd sci-fi shows (preferrably devoid of mechas) like Texhnolyze and Ghost In The Shell but is also very fond of things on the opposite side of the spectrum like Digi Charat and Ghibli movies. I guess you could say that what I like the most is things that doesn't try to be much more than entertaining.

Most if not all animes that tries to be deep and thoughtprovoking fail at it because they fail to realise that anime is a visual media. In visual media you work with moving pictures as you all know so sticking long monologues that could as well been part of a book is poor storytelling. While I have nothing against shows bringing up philosophical concepts it always goes to far when a character suddenly has to explain how it all works. No doubt a hard thing to balance but when it's done right it is glorious, sadly it very rarely is.

So, when I review shows that simply are often gets bonus points while most that tries to be deep and thoughtprovoking gets a point deduction simply because they fail at it. My ideal animes is in other words Laputa, Castle in the Sky and Cowboy Bebop while the absolute worst anime I know of is Elfen Lied.

Anyway, my scores works as such;

1 - There is nothing nice to say about things as vile as the ones I award a 1. The only show I've ever seen that I dislike this much is Elfen Lied.

2 - Very very bad, there are few things worthwhile about these shows if anything at all.

3 - Still awful but the show might have some minor positive thing about it. Bad generic ecchi like DearS might fit here.

4 - Subpar and boring, the bad things still outweigh the good ones even though there might be some good points.

5 - Mediocre and lackluster but might interest fans of the genre.

6 - Shows promise and is interesting enough to warrant a full watch. Though still some bad things about it.

7 - Definitely a good anime, while there may be issues it's still recommended if you like the genre.

8 - Without a doubt a highly watchable show, the good points far outweigh the bad ones though there still are minor problems.

9 - Great shows that I recommend anyone to watch, very few faults with it.

10 - Only rewarded to my personal favourites, while perhaps not perfect in my mind they are damn near.

Also be reminded that everything I write is opinion, if you disagree with me feel free to argue but if I don't like your favourite anime just don't take it personal.

Finally the overall score will often vary wildly from the rest of the scores. My overall score is what I thought about the show, whether I actually liked it or not while I'll try and be at least somewhat objective when setting the other scores.

Also I have a lame blog at

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LeaT says...

Tabletop is "bordsspel" (no idea if that is a good translation) and pen and paper is just that, a pen and a paper. You can of course also use pen and paper when playing tabletop.

I haven't actually played anything related to Vampire: M and tR, the only roleplaying game outside the video game world is Eon, mostly because I've lacked the network. There were a bunch of people in my school when I was younger who played DnD but I shy that kind of roleplaying. I don't think levels belong in an actual roleplaying setting. The strength of a monster or a character should be shown through skills, not the amount of level you possess.

My biggest issue with Eon is how easily you died. I think I made a gazillion of characters when I used to play, and it died in every godamn campaign except when my brother who was GM (SL) had to god emote and ress me. Should add that he didn't take his role as GM that seriously, he had a lot of godmod characters. I kind of agree with that the game was unintentionally funny. I mean, a random dice roll made one of my characters slip in a bath tub, break her neck and die. In the same campaign another guy also managed to completely miss what would've been a fatal wound due to a dice roll even though he was in close range and hit the ear instead, even though the character was on top of the enemy and the enemy didn't dodge.

I also agree with you that I am not too fond of too descriptive language. My main issue is that I am not a very visual person though, so I have serious issues actually imagining what is being described. When I write (I have some stuff uploaded on my DA page: I tend to shy descriptive langauge as well. I rather focus on dialogue and the actions of the characters as I think that says a lot more about them than describing them. If you want to read anything of the crappy stuff I've written at all, I guess I can recommend my latest work called Void.

As for Jane Austen, I haven't read anything about her, although I am curious to check out the crossworks done with her works that plays with various monsters. A bit more to what I like rather than reading some murky plots of how to not get married or to get married :P Romance isn't really my cup of tea generally speaking. The only real exception are good drama romances. Despite being a guy movie (in theory, at least), I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It makes me cry every time, it's really silly. I cry too easily.

Interesting about Dark Souls. I definitely like how Japanese games focus so much more on atmosphere and the aesthetics of the environment. Good Western games do that too, but I find that to be much more uncommon. Japanese fiction in general, especially when leaned towards horror, just uses atmosphere so effectively in building a mood that I honestly lack in Western media. I also like that it sounds really difficult, although I suspect I might just start crying manically if it turns out to be too hard and I know it is hard :P It's so funny to read how most gamers' nerdrage level rises so much when they die because something is difficult but I don't, I just laugh XD

I haven't tried the Batman series at all actually, because I really am not that fond of Batman as a franchise. I also thought the latest movies directed by Nolan sucked assy pants and I really don't see what is so amazing about them. Christian Bale does nothing to me like always when I see him on the big screen. It's really odd because I don't dislike him as an actor since he's not obviously bad, I just don't feel anything when I watch him act. If he was bad I would at least cringe over how bad he is.

Aww, I didn't get a beta invite at all :( Well, the game is released in a few more months.

No, I am pretty new to Göteborg too, if you push the idea of new a bit. Lived here for about 5 and a half year now, but I am not that well versed with the alternative scene or whats-you-call-it, mostly because I am not that rich being a student and all. I can barely afford buying manga tankubons (not that I have the space for them, but still).

Dec 4, 2011
LeaT says...

It's odd, I really have a lot of studies I should do, yet I keep procrastinating so I guess SOA can be a way to become better at that... or something along those lines. It will have to wait a bit though, I got Sony Vegas Pro the other day because I started to record my gaming a bit and then I thought I would finally learn how to do AMVs.Judas Priest's Rocka Rolla and Hellsing OVA, what do you think? ;D I would focus on it as a presentation of Integral as a character.

I do like Sopranos but not nearly enough for me to get around watching it regularly. The zombie one sounded more interesting though, as I do like dramas.

I wait until season 6 of Dexter is out on DVD. I like to marathon watch when I do get around watching something as I hate cliffhangers and Dexter is pretty good at using them. I agree with you that I like Dexter as a character, and I think it's kind of ironic how human he is portrayed despite his "profession". I think he is easy to identify with if you are one of those who usually feel socially awkward or just see the world a bit more objectively than what maybe is expected, usually.

Right, so you're a roleplayer. What game and is it tabletop or pen and paper? I used to roleplay when I was younger. Not sure if you know about Eon? I haven't played in years though, but I miss the creative aspect of it.

I also think it's common for young people today to adapt a more visual episode-like storytelling even when it comes to the written text. Read an interview of Andreas Roman's Mörkrädd that descibes his writing style as such, and I agree. I notice this with other novels written by authors who belong to the TV generation.

I have to say it is kind of nice to not feel any pull from WoW as I used to, even when I wasn't that genuinely interested in the game because I was bored of the current content. I just tried to find something else to do but at some point I just knew I would come back. It was more a matter of time, but I don't really feel that now. I can do other things and I feel fine doing it. I always wondered how I was supposed to quit, how I was supposed to fill up that time and of course it was just a matter of replacing one game with another game, but so far there really hasn't been another game available. Unless Diablo 3 would suck assy pants, that is, which I doubt :P

Is Dark Souls a Western or Eastern game? Call me anal, but I am not too fond of the Western idea of roleplaying that attempts to present you with options to allow for deeper storytelling, yet the options tend to become so polarized (Do you help the man or do you steal his items?) that in reality the gameplay doesn't become deeper as your character is forced into a stereotype regardless. Not saying that Japanese games are better on that point, but then the polarization doesn't get in the way of your immersion as the character is the story.

Also, not sure if I asked it already or if you mentioned it somewhere, but you don't happen to live around Göteborg? :P

Dec 1, 2011
LeaT says...

Sorry, I'll try responding more often then! :)

I guess I should give SAC a second chance then. At which episode do you recommend that I start watching? If season 2 is more similar to the movie maybe I should just start there first.

I only play healer on my alt so I wouldn't know. Well, I am not all that hyped over the new expansion... I feel WoW has become too childish to me. Or rather, I have aged but WoW really hasn't. I will probably make almost a full switch over to D3 when it's released. I really feel I want a dark, mature game to play, preferrably very action-oriented and D3 is luckily all that. Got to luv bloodsplatter and limbs flying :3 Currently playing Devil May Cry 4 on PC (also uploading video gameplays on Beware, I kind of suck, though!). Other than that, not doing much. I feel this year has been very bad in terms of gaming. I am not all that much into Battlefield 3 and its Ubisoft (or Microsoft? I can't tell them apart) counterpart.

I haven't watched much anime either lately, although I suddenly started to look for Gintama downloads. I haven't watched it yet, but the comedy actually seemed to be something I could really appreciate, as there also seems to be a lot of afterthought put into the comedy. I just hate comedy for comedy's sake. All you end up with then are stereotypical and archaic characters aka Våra Värsta År (I can't remember the name in English, currently), I bet you've seen it on TV4. Shows like that aren't even funny to me, as all they do is to perpetuate archaic gender roles and myths.

Did you see season 5 of Dexter yet? I was so annoyed at the ending. I like House but I really can't watch it for some reason. House as a character is just too similar to me. A very grumpy one, but me, nevertheless. It gets kind of freaky at that point. Walking Dead is not on my list as kind of anti-zombie. More of a vampire person (that is, not Twilight ones...). I don't recognize Fringe and Sons of Anarchy. Then again, I am not a huge TV series watcher, either.

Haha, yes, I love how metalheads often tend to think that band X is so much smarter than they usually are :P I am not much into Mastodon or Pig Destroyer, but I do know that such rhetoric usually surrounds Dark Tranquillity's lyrics because they may write about microphysics and chaos theory. They have one song called Inside the Particle Storm, if you've heard about it. I love how they used the first part of the song when Kunskapskanalen was promoting their science shows. Anyway, just because you write about microphysics and chaos theory doesn't mean that you actually understand it or make you smart by default. It's like saying I am smart just because I read books. Well, I do...

Nov 24, 2011
LeaT says...

I am terribly sorry for the late response but I am one of these people who are very active somewhere when I got an interest going on and then drops it completely for months.

Anyway, I wanted to say I enjoyed the discussion with you. Always nice to talk to like-minded people :) I agree about Rita, but given the nature of the main character I think it was hard to not have her develop that way, especially seeing much of the tension of the show relied on the protagonist being able to maintain his outward appearance. I started SAC season 1 and I thought it was absolutely horrible. Not at all like the original movie. I can live with that characters look different, but the feel of the show was too far off what I expected. I had hoped for a bit more slow-paced mystery style, not this fast and pseudo-intellectual action that really wasn't that deep or mindblowing to begin with.

I agree that Deathspell Omega's lyrics are vastly different to others in the genre. However, I usually take metal lyrics regardless of genre with a grain of salt as good lyrics are actually really hard to come by. Luckily growling more or less negates any need to hear the lyrics unless you really try.

I also agree with you about WoW's players. That's one of the reasons why I don't switch servers. Well, it looks like I might me out of WoW soon too, as I am not liking where the game is going and I don't feel it's able to properly satisfy me in all aspects I want to be satisfied with. As much as I enjoy raiding, raiding is still just a part of the game. Luckily Diablo 3 is out soon so I will probably make a full switch.

Nov 9, 2011
Gamera says...

Just to state something of importance: it's legal for cousins to marry in Japan. Strange to us, yes, but not to them.

Aug 17, 2011