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I'm a 24 years old swede who mainly likes odd sci-fi shows (preferrably devoid of mechas) like Texhnolyze and Ghost In The Shell but is also very fond of things on the opposite side of the spectrum like Digi Charat and Ghibli movies. I guess you could say that what I like the most is things that doesn't try to be much more than entertaining.

Most if not all animes that tries to be deep and thoughtprovoking fail at it because they fail to realise that anime is a visual media. In visual media you work with moving pictures as you all know so sticking long monologues that could as well been part of a book is poor storytelling. While I have nothing against shows bringing up philosophical concepts it always goes to far when a character suddenly has to explain how it all works. No doubt a hard thing to balance but when it's done right it is glorious, sadly it very rarely is.

So, when I review shows that simply are often gets bonus points while most that tries to be deep and thoughtprovoking gets a point deduction simply because they fail at it. My ideal animes is in other words Laputa, Castle in the Sky and Cowboy Bebop while the absolute worst anime I know of is Elfen Lied.

Anyway, my scores works as such;

1 - There is nothing nice to say about things as vile as the ones I award a 1. The only show I've ever seen that I dislike this much is Elfen Lied.

2 - Very very bad, there are few things worthwhile about these shows if anything at all.

3 - Still awful but the show might have some minor positive thing about it. Bad generic ecchi like DearS might fit here.

4 - Subpar and boring, the bad things still outweigh the good ones even though there might be some good points.

5 - Mediocre and lackluster but might interest fans of the genre.

6 - Shows promise and is interesting enough to warrant a full watch. Though still some bad things about it.

7 - Definitely a good anime, while there may be issues it's still recommended if you like the genre.

8 - Without a doubt a highly watchable show, the good points far outweigh the bad ones though there still are minor problems.

9 - Great shows that I recommend anyone to watch, very few faults with it.

10 - Only rewarded to my personal favourites, while perhaps not perfect in my mind they are damn near.

Also be reminded that everything I write is opinion, if you disagree with me feel free to argue but if I don't like your favourite anime just don't take it personal.

Finally the overall score will often vary wildly from the rest of the scores. My overall score is what I thought about the show, whether I actually liked it or not while I'll try and be at least somewhat objective when setting the other scores.

Also I have a lame blog at

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LeaT Jan 20, 2012

I know this is nitpicking, but "disease" is the wrong word in English :P I know it would be the same in Swedish, "sjukdom", but disease is something physical. It's better to use the word "illness". I agree with that they are immensely fascinating though. Not because I would ever want to be a victim myself, but I think it questions our understanding of reality quite a bit.

Haha, I never read Eragon mostly because I had a feeling it would be shoddily written. I mean, I am kind of past the point where I think reading a story about a boy who is best friend with a dragon and they go on mighty adventures together. Well, I can give it some cred being written by a kid. I do think hero's journey says something about the human condition though, or at least patriarchy. I wonder if the hero's journey would still be present in a society that's matriarchal. Unfortunately they aren't particularly common. Although in the end, the boy might just be replaced with a girl. It doesn't happen all that often because it's hard to mold the hero's journey around a girl because from a gender POV the stereotype just fits a boy (and less commonly a grown man) better, but it happens.

Oh yes, I love Buffy so totally feel you about Joss Whedon. I haven't seen Firefly or anything else he's done though. I agree with you that you definitely need to be a good writer to make cliché'd stories to work, though. But in the end, then the question becomes - when does an original story become cliché? Can we honestly say there are any original stories being told? I am honestly not so sure, since most stories are built upon something else, even if it's life experience.

I really like Chobits despite being a seinen (for boys). It has this really odd charm about it that I ultimately found very entertaining. Then again, one of my favorite films is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A romantic drama aimed for men in their 30s. I highly recommend it by the way, if you haven't seen it already. I am no big of romantic drama but it's really well told and does really take a typically cliché story and tells it in a highly empathic entertaining way. There's also some intellectual stuff in there I think you will definitely like concerning the nature of our memories and how memories help to define our relationships.

Odd you actually like Naruto as a character. I couldn't stand him at all which is kind of bad seeing he's the main character of the manga that is titled after him. The reason why I am having such issues with Naruto as a character though is that he's just really, really stupid. And he's written to be stupid. I've grown incredibly allergic to this kind of characterization. Yeah, there are stupid people in real life too, but they don't act stupidly stupid for most of the time. I recently rewatched the film Snatch yesterday. Perfect example of an entire cast of men being stupid (and jerky), but it's told in a way that's just hilarious. Not because they are actually written to be stupid or come off as stupid, but their actions are stupid, they just come off as stupid anyway because they often fail to think in the bigger picture and understanding the consequences of their actions. I guess the reason why I think Snatch ultimately works and Naruto doesn't is because Snatch is ironic and is never meant to be taken seriously whereas Naruto is not and is meant to be taken seriously. I'm just not allergic to Naruto though, but any shonen hero written in the same vein.

XD Mancrushes huh? Well, I guess it's a man thing. Although I agree with you that it's kind of fun when they do it to the point it becomes silly. I mean, it's not like I would be attracted to that though where I'd say, date the guy. If I met a guy like that in real life it would probably end up with a bitch slap from me and no more dates :P

LeaT Jan 8, 2012

What I know of the DSM-IV is what I've gathered from reading, but I think you really need to have a degree in psychology to actually have access to it. Even then, many will tell you that it's dangerous to try to put people into too neat little boxes, because people are people, not the illness they are diagnosed with.

Of course, hero's journey is still genre specific and I'm not saying that a different narrative might yield a different conclusion. However, even so, it is striking how common the structure is. Let's take an anime such as Monster for example, that I think most people would argue has a deep characterization and does not follow a typical problem-solving plot. Yet I recognize a lot of elements from hero's journey in Monster. I'm not saying that because I think any story that has a structure similar to hero's journey is bad. I just think that there is perhaps something genuinely profound in humanity that makes us repeating this same pattern in our storytelling across cultures that says a lot about ourselves and our role in the world.

No, I have never played Vagrant Story and I just recently found out it was actually connected to the FFverse. I didn't know that it was a part of the project that includes Tactics. I agree with you that it requires a good writer to make a story work, but I'd argue that this is true regardless of the genre we speak of. To me it sounds like you've just outgrown fantasy and the generic narrative that is used when the art is not pushed beyond its genre conventions :) I pretty much feel the same about shonen now, which is why the only shonen I still follow is Bleach because I think Bleach has kept pushing the boundaries of shonen for years now and ventured into seinen-territory years ago. I'm just tired of shonen that are generically written shonen, including the dumb main protagonist who's all brawns but no brains, the nakama concept and so on and so forth. And don't get me started on the nosebleeding jokes. I like the violence of shonen, but I just don't like the narrative and the way the story is being told anymore, while I would've appreciated it when I was younger.

I crush very easily on moody guys for some reason, especially those who do the "I'm so tough on the outside but I'm very sensitive on the inside". What can I say? I like sensitive men. <.<

LeaT Jan 4, 2012

I think you misunderstand a bit about Joseph Campbell :) I don't mean that it's not possible to write a good clichéd story, I mean that the basic formula is always the same.This is a good video to illustrate my point:

All of these stories are very different and belong to different genres, but the structure the way the plot is laid out is essentially the same.

I like mentally unstable people so that's why I like it <.< The more mentally unstable the main protagonist, the more enjoyment I get. I guess I'm just a sadist. I also don't mind having the main protagonist undergo torture etc. I was shocked, pleased and surprised when Richard got tortured in Sword of Truth.

I am not surprised that it has been hard to evolve the combat system in SO2. It worked but it wasn't fantastic either. As I wrote, I haven't played anything post FFVII :( Although since it seems PS2 emulators are kind of well-developed now and a lot of games can run at full speed I might as well try some out that way.

Gott nytt år! :)

LeaT Dec 23, 2011

I like Nicholson overall as an actor, although I admit he got the looks going for him. It's hard to not take him as some evil crazy guy with those eyebrows lulz. Even in the roles where he is supposed to be sympathetic I can't help but to think of The Shining in the end. Can't undo those eyebrows!

I usually check stuff out because of hype and I don't even read newspapers much or anything. Somehow it just reaches me anyway. Meh, I guess maybe I could appreciate DK if I actually felt anything for Bale as an actor. If had been fine if he wasn't the main character but he is. It was impossible for me to even get into DK since I can't feel anything for his character and since it's the main character it becomes fucked right there. I felt DK was very slick but that was unfortunately the only thing I felt. That goes for every movie I've seen Bale in except that one where he co-starred against Depp (I even forgot the name, it wasn't that memorable even though I'm a huge Depp fan). At the end I felt something about Bale's character but that was it. I wish I could at least hate the guy for his acting but it's hard to do that even when you don't feel a thing :/

Well, I think the issue with Square is that they just fail to write a story for a more mature demographic. It's very hard when you work with fantasy at its core unless you start diverging into urban fantasy. The problem with fantasy as a genre is that it follows a very obvious laid out formula of main protagonist in his/her teens who has to overcome a great adversary to save the world where the whole saving the world part becomes a symbol for coming of age. No idea if you've familiar with Joseph Campbell and the concept hero's journey, but every FF game is like that pretty much. No exceptions.

I haven't played the latest FF games at all past PS1 because I've never owned a PS2 console and I just had my hands on a PS1 briefly because my brother owned one. I did download a PS1 emulator but I just can't find motivation to play FFVII and VIII. VII is so start during the first disc. I guess I am just one of those people who like reading the story rather than playing the story. I don't even understand how I can be a Cloud fangirl :/ Oh well, I blame Japanese and their beauty aesthetics. I am a complete sucker when it comes to Japanese male fashion. I wish people would be more inclined to copy it in the West, but I guess people would just end up looking retarded in the end because of facial structure differences alone.

Well, I like realism though. I just wish there was as much thought about alternative outfits. I am seriously annoyed over how every anime and manga characters besides a few examples wear the same freaking clothes throughout the whole series. I'm pretty sure I've ranted about this somewhere but I can't remember if I did it to you already. If I did, I'm sorry, but it does really really annoy me <.< If you are so freaking incapable to design a character to not be recognizable in a different haircut and/or outfit because the facial design is so freaking generic you probably aren't that good a designer anyway and you should go die in a fire. Really. It's ART, not "hey let's mass produce anime on a line!" kind of deal. Designing a person aesthetically is just as important as it is to develop its personality. That goes to FF too by the way. There is a tendency to make characters into style but no substance, as you pointed out.

As I said, I can't unfortunately comment specifically on FFXIII. I guess you aren't too happy to know that FFXIII-2 is in development? :P

Anyway, I'm having my hopes up for FF Versus XIII. The design is indeed toned down quite a lot I think and I like the idea of it being very similar to our universe and the gameplay looks sick and daring for an FF game. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in my previous post but I am happy they are finally removing the old combat system. It was starting to get boring. I understand that they had to have something like that for older consoles because more complex systems that were realistic were hard to design because of system limitations. There were real time systems like Secrets of Mana that they also later used in Star Ocean 2, but it never really feels quite epic as I think it should, if you get my drift. Anyway, a bit back on the topic, I also get a heavy urban fantasy feeling, so I hope they don't overfocus on the areas that are supposedly technologically underdeveloped to return to a more typical fantasy setting.

Man how I am tired of fantasy RPGs who focus so much on sword and sorcery. I guess one reason why I prefer urban now is because I've gotten so into cyberpunk for the past years, and urban fantasy is much more closely related to cyberpunk.

Oh yes for Dissidia's writing being cringeworthy XD Which version did you play? Got to love the English voice over narrator whenever you started a new story. I can still hear it in my head: "The burden weighs heavily on Cloud's giant sword" oh lulz! I mean, you shouldn't do stuff like that, with a male VO who sounds uberserious for lines that are so corny they can't be serious for 5 öre. Anyway, I found it highly amusing when I noticed they did the same thing for the Bleach game they recently released for PS3. Why do game designers do that? XD Don't they realize how corny it is?

But that aside, Dissidia has great gameplay. Not superdeep for a combat game, but it definitely works. I don't play Dissidia for the story obviously :P It doesn't make a lot of sense either way. Also, the Japanese VA for Dissidia is golden. I wish translators would figure out already that most fans of Japanese games actually prefer the original VA if we get the option to have it. It's not that I think English VA is bad by default (the DMC franchise is a good example of what I mean, again with the corny male VO XD), but Japanese just sounds so much more authentic to me. I guess it helps that I've watched so much anime now over the years that I do recognize the most common phrases and I know what they mean literarily without having a translation for them.

No, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory isn't nearly as bad as Alice in Wonderland :P Close tie though. Now, if they've just made a film out of Alice Madness...!

Also, god jul :)

LeaT Dec 15, 2011

I remember I had some discussion about them with another friend of mine. Don't they derive from Judas though?I just don't see why they have to be tied to the Christian mythos...

I see. Well, I will probably read Jane Austen at some point anyway for the mere fact that her books are classics.

The PS3 is incoming at some point! I am going to trade in my Wii once I've bought Skyward Sword and played it through to satisfaction for a PS3. I really want Final Fantasy Versus XIII, that game looks sick and I'm a huge FF fan since III/VI. I love the direction they're heading with the gameplay, as I've grown bored with their old action design in particular. I like how they are attempting to make it more interactive and action-oriented similar to Dissidia. Further, it will look amazing. They aren't going to use any pre-rendered scenes but everything will be used by the original engine. It will be like playing Advent Children ^_^

Meh, I know people keep saying that but I honestly don't get it. I don't find him that creepy/scary/whatever you want to describe him. I guess I just expected too much as usual when something is hyped like that. I never get hyped stuff. Ok, Bleach maybe, but I don't like it because it's hyped (and you certainly can't say it is now).

As for Tim Burton, they're in their own league :P My biggest issue with Burton is that he has a tendency to make things too childish. When stuff he makes really works out like Edward Scissorhands, it has this odd naive childish feeling to it even when dealing with mature themes and the effect becomes kind of emphasized like wow, that is really, really rotten. Sometimes this kind of gets in the way though, when it actually has to be really dark. That's how I feel with his Batman movies. Not that I am trying to defend them in any way, they are kind of bad >.< I do like some of Burton's works though, especially the earlier ones. I absolutely adore his first stop motion called Vincent. I've always liked classic horror so I guess that's one reason why. It also has a decent level of mindfuck in it similar to the romantic horror portrayed by authors like Lovecraft.

Well, "goth" is English för "göte", so it has the same origin at least :)