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Dec 13, 2010

To understand the score one has to realise this show is more or less made for me. I love how CLAMP works - taking a used concept, updating it and giving it their own touch. I've loved or liked everything they've created except for XXXHolic and X/1999 which is their dumb goth shows. But on to more important things.



The plot in Chobits is rather simple, it's a magical girlfriend show only it has undertones otherwise usually seen in cyberpunk (when stops a robot being just a robot?) and with humor mainly circling around girls and the urges they create in boys. In other words all the humor is written for guys around the age of 18 to 28 or so. See this page - ( - for more about the Seinen subgenre. Less action, more plot, characterisation and boob jokes!

Anyway. The show revolves around Hideki, a young bachelor who've lived all his life in the country and now moves into the big city to study. He quickly grows envious of everyones Persocoms, life-like robot companions that also functions as computers (which means you can get on the internet and look at pr0ns!). Accidently he finds a somewhat broken Persocom in the trash, starts it up and hijinks ensues. The robot girl cannot speak at first and knows more or less nothing about well, living, so Hideki has to teach her. While he does this more and more information is learned about this mysterious Persocom now called Chii, he gets to know a bunch of people and has some lifechanging drama. As I said, the plot is in itself very simple but it's all in the details.

To me the relationship between Hideki and Chii starts out as a big brother thing, the funny part is that he knows next to nothing about living in the city but of course tries his very best to juggle studies, a part-time job and teaching Chii. He is constantly ashamed of popping boners over her boobs and accidental lurid poses, tries his very best to keep all his porn hidden from her (but she of course finds it and talks about it to his friends) while still being a big brother teaching her the names of stuff, buying her clothes (except for you know, the stuff covering her naughty parts) and generally taking care of her like she's a human being and not a robot. He does of course over the course of the show fall in love with her which is more or less the main question the show asks i.e can you love a robot as much as a human? More on this later.



Chobits is lush with colors and filled to the brim with CLAMPS patented charm. All the characters just look so nice with their big round cheeks and eyes. Everything is round and cute (Especially Sumomo!) and I just love it that way. Part of the reason I have this huge shit-eating grin plastered on my face when watching Chobits is the animation. Though some people might not like it it is unique. Everything is just nice and warm.



I have to admit I'm a sucker or CLAMPS music too, I've had the entire Cardcaptor Sakura soundtrack on my IPod at times and still know the entire lyrics of the opening song in Chobits. And it's not just the opener, there's a bunch of other songs that still at times pop into my head by simply being so freaking catchy. I also really like the voice acting, it really fits the cast and I still get goosebumps hearing Sumomos squeals. Chobits is a bit of a fetish of mine, I know.



As with all the great shows out there Chobits has a cast of deeply flawed characters. Hideki is a bit of a victim; too nice for his own best, dorky and easily gets flustered and then I'm not even mentioning the fact that he's not very bright or at all good at social interaction. Yeah he's a loser, the question is if you can see past it and sympathise with him. He is after all also a very nice guy, one of those real altruists who is nice and polite to everyone because that's how you behave. He's helpful and never talks down to anyone. But he can also be a bit loud and tiring to be around.

Shinbo, though a nice, patient guy can be a bit of a showboat at times and also has a tendency to look down a bit on people who doesn't know things he expects to be common knowledge, though his patience works in his favour here. He is also oddly fond of Sumomo (though who wouldn't be?) and admits to making her do some useless things just because it's cute.

Minoru can almost be a bit of a jerk, remarkably cold when it comes to how rich he really is and bad at anything not related to computers and especially Persocoms.

The list goes on, all the characters both have good and bad parts to their personality which makes the show feel alive. It never breaks suspension of disbelief by having down-to-earth characters with believable problems. And they all have problems, a lot of the episodes are background storys about the various characters in Hidekis life and I find them all interesting.

It's also a bit o a treat to see Chi grow over the course of the show. It's not exceptional charcater growth by any means but being the oldest of twelve sibling and cousins I can't help but like seeing her evolve from a child to a young adult



One thing that Chobits does well that nine out of ten animes fail at is make a philosophical question justice. The Persocoms are the center of the show and it asks whether life-like robots could ever be substitutes for human friends or lovers. The grand thing is that it doesn't take sides, it never tries to shove convoluted opinions down your throat. Instead it analyses this question over the course of the show by showing  different peoples experiences with Persocoms, both good and bad. Most people in the show spends the majority of their time with their PC's since they're perfect listeners and always have all the time in the world for you without asking for anything in return. And the Persocoms truly are nice, self-less and caring. On the other hand there's people who have been abandoned by their spouses over Persocoms.

The point is as I stated that it never takes sides, it just shows us the different views and lets the viewer decide for himself what he thinks. Also it just brings up this one issue during the 26 episodes instead of shoehorning in loads of topics without ever doing more than just talking about them (Ergo Proxy is one of the worst offenders of this). By taking one topic and focusing on it you'll get enough time to actually do it justice.

Final words here, I can totally see how some people just gets pissed off at Hidekis constant flustered screaming, the boob and boner jokes and Sumomos insane cuteness-factor. I personally love it, the whole show fits me like a glove from begnning to end with one minor issue. The goddamn roofbots.

The roofbots show up after a while and their sole purpose is hanging around on a roof, look cool and say cool things. I cannot fucking stand them. Thankfully there's very little of them so it doesn't hurt the final score. The manga on the other hand has a a lot more of them and Freya. Freakin goths.


8/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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