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Bokurano finished

18 DEC

Machi's big brother, the sociopathic mascot of this show grew more disgusting by the episode. They didn't even try to redeem him like they've done with all the other unsympathetic characters (With Jun as the most notable example). I was happy with him dying because he has been nothing but a asshole the whole show.

I think what endears me most about Bokurano is that I'm never sure what will happen next. I was not even sure whether Jun would win his final battle though I'm not surprised he did. There are lots of moments like these where you're not at all sure how it will work out which is - I repeat - this shows greatest strength. The downside of this is that I don't think I'll rewatch this in a very long time.

A thing that I found silly was that even though the battles are for sorting out the unneeded universes (which is a silly idea to begin with) the winning planets gets destroyed too which means the competition is utterly meaningless. I get the sense of hopelessness that permeats the entire thing but it goes a little too far at times.

Also I wasn't happy when Jun died, they managed to give reasons for him being a asshole, believeable ones too. I guess I felt sad for Kana losing her brother but no more than that, I've disliked him from episode one, the backstory wasn't enough to make me grow fond of him.

The ending was alright, a little to japanese perhaps with everyone gathering at the end smiling and enjoying life. For a second I thought it all would start over with someone recruiting children at Ushiros schhool which would have been a terrible thing but would also have fit the show very well.

I guess I'll write a review soon.

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