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More Bokurano (And a lil Black Lagoon)

15 DEC

Episode 5 now and my interest keeps growing. Dung Beetle is without a doubt a malicious entity, whether he has good or bad intentions or if this actually is just a game I obviously have no idea about, I just know he's a creepy asshole. His teleporting around, gleering and sneering isn't exactly a blast to watch but all his contradictions work together to create a repugnant whole.

You did of course initially believe he was the nice guy, a silly mascot whose role was to help the children through this but he has no sympathy whatsoever for their feelings. They are after all going to die, and soon.

And I was right too that the robot drains the life energy of the pilot, it would have been nice if they would have let the question hanging for a bit longer but it's alright the way it worked out. It is certainly a huge weight on their shoulders.

But I mainly like how the children reacts in their own different ways, not all of them has a working personality yet but it feels like they will be given one when it's their turn. There is of course already quite a few should I say active personalitys that have their roles in the group already and since the group is as big as it is it's just as well.

Now I also enjoy that they spend a lot of time showing the political ramifications through press meetings and boardroom ones. That the adults take a proactive role feels natural i.e the story evolves in a way you can believe in. Even though there's huge robots and shit all over it never breaks suspension of disbelief with the exception of dung beetle, though I'm sure it's only a remote controlled avatar.


As a contrast I watched a little Black Lagoon and while it was certainly entertaining it was no more than that. There was nothing intriguing or new about it though Levi is immensely hot for a anime chick. It also reminded me a bit too much about Cowboy Bebop only the characters were way less interesting. I think I might return to it when I've watched Bokurano or maybe as a break from all the heavy stuff but I also got Flight of the Concords lying around.

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