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RoronoaDamla says...

yeah Sanji got pissed to find out zoro was cheating on him with me. So Sanji kicked me really hard and threw a zosan pic at my face xD

soz for the late reply my internet is really shit these days :@

Oct 12, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

Maybe you are right with vergo, maybe not.  We shall see tomorrow.

I saw a comparison on HxH; where magazine scans and volume scans were side by side.  No doubt there's a huge difference.  Still, i'll wait for the anime.  Didn't realize he was that sick.  He needs to hire an artist, become a team like Bakuman.  I bet HxH makes enough money for him to do it.  Magi is on my wish list but i just don't feel like starting a new manga at the moment.  It looks stellar and seems like a fun premise.  Also thought about reading JoJo until i realized it's 105 fucking volumes plus 6 different spin-offs.  Tell me how it is if you make it far in and i might give it a whirl.  I hear great things about it.

Holy shit, only vol 13?  Well i can understand, not everyone has the time I do.  I'm not in school so i don't have any HW or late classes.  I've been working with family's farm for past few weeks but that only lasts till end of October.  Still put in 8-11 hour days but other than that, I have time.  It's easy to envy hard core otakus but thinking on it, they have no life.  All that time and nothing is ever accomplished.  Working all day then coming home and doing the do is a great feeling.  As for Berserk, I've reached vol 33.  Such magnificence.  Those last scenes in the awakening are pretty traumatizing.  Like you stated, some of or (the) most story progressing moments in the entire Berserk world.  To build up such companionship from distrust and an ill brought up life, then completely betrayed, those moments in the eclipse are what define the rest of Berserk's story.  Some pretty great moments are in store for you, so hurry the hell up.  It's hard holding back what i know and what i want to say about recent chapters.  Also, don't look ahead.  Looking ahead is NOT ok in Berserk.  I'm sure you know that though.

Oct 9, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

op-dude, if vergo prevails in the end, that means we will never know what Laws plan was to take out a yonko.  No way in hell, all that suspense about a plan and teaming up for the fire to be extinguished? I think not.  I like vergo, but he doesn't have that evilness to be a villain for me.  He's not a leader and just follows orders.  Thus, i believe he will get beat.  He needs to now that smokey knows who he really is.  Loved out Luffy thought he out-smarted Monet LOL ("niiishishishi").

Dude, you won't find "a great" in the 2012 series; doubt you will in 2013 as well.  Got to give the manga some time to grow.  I have read some stellar manga but nothing but a few can compare to my "greats".  After rereading Berserk, it's no doubt my number one.  Still, i have about 250 series i want to read, and some are new, so maybe they are out there.  But i mean, berserk is just incredible.  Like i was saying about that realistic shit and everything, Berserk fits the bill.  There is no friendship or bam!-super powers.  Everything is a struggle.  The world's fucking rotten and corrupt. I absolutely love that about Berserk.  I find it hard to find anything that can oppose Berserk.  Pretty sure i'll eventually buy this though.  Berserk is one manga i would like to collect. But you're in for a ride.  It gets magnificent in the later volumes. 

As for HXH, won't read it.  I have a couple standards when it comes to manga and HXH doesn't make it.  Like i said once before, i cannot handle the scribbling.  That ruins it. Why does the mangaka even try?  Wait, he doesn't.  Just thinking about it gets me heated. But yeah, I've mostly read everything you have or will eventually.  Right now, i'm having a hard time getting into anything.  Most the stuff i really enjoy i'm already caught up on or it takes forever to scan, or i just wish it was finished because i can hardly take reading a chapter every so often anymore.  I tell ya, if i had money to burn, i'd buy it all.  As for series i haven't read, i find it hard getting into them.  They're not Berserk.  Some of them just seem dull/redundant/repetitive.  Just a passing phase, hopefully i'll get busy and be over it by the winter.  I don't know. /firstworldproblems

Oct 3, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

OP- Not much to say here.  Lot going on, Monet's ability is pretty similar to Aokiji's.  But i guess her's is snow whereas his is ice? Or something.  Didn't see Law getting beat so easily.  Hell i thought we would know what SAD is by now, fuck i need to know.  Alas, Smokey will stomp on Vergo; I can only hope anyways.  Solid chapter.

Bleach- You got your wish.  Shit is about to hit the fan.  Yama buried himself when he went all out, now he is no more.  A shame. I would of been pretty pissed if they brought Aizen back though, thank god he turned em down.  Now we wait for the hero to arrive.

Naruto- Finally we get to the root of Obito's change.  Been reading some comments on em and i truly hope this all was not a set up and kikashi actually killed her, though i bet he was possessed. Will be interesting.

So i was pretty board 2 days ago and wanted to read something.  Nothing sounds good anymore, so I'm now rereading Berserk. I'm on volume 17.  Holy shit.  I could reread it again after this.  So fucking incredible.  But as i'm reading, i realize, there is soooo much we don't know about everything.  This manga is going to go on for another 20 years.  We barely scratched the surface with the Skull Knight and his eternal duel with Void.  I mean, we don't know anything about the God Hands or if they're even relevant.  Fuck, this is like reading OP, but it comes out 12 times a year.  There's still so much that has not been revealed and yet we still have a long way to go.  I'd say more but it seems you're not very far so this is as far as i'll vent my frustration.  Also, another thing, Vol 17 page 67-69.....yeah, fucked up.  Not like there's more fucked up shit but something about that part sticks. 

Oct 2, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

Gonna have to comment right away before i forget, gay Barney ahaha, had me laughing.  Fuck, if Barney's voice isn't gay enough ahahaha.  When i really think about it, i never really think about the voice.  maybe i just read it and it comes naturally but thinking on it, i have no clue what Toriko sounds like; he doesn't sound macho, that's what Mansome is, but idk.  Though that other guy with the hair, when i saw a colored version of him, such a fruit.

I hear mixed reviews on Hellsing Ova.  Watched the old series and it was alright.  I'll watch the OVA when the eps are completed in like 2014.  It's like a year wait for every episode right?  fuck that.  As for Berserk, don't know how you can go slow.  AFter that shitstorm with Griffith, shit begins to ooze from peoples mouths. It gets so crazy awesome, need to reread it.  My only wish is that it would release at least once a month  I hate the irregular releases.  Not 6 years ago it was regular but now, it's about 3-4 chapters every 3 months, usually.  It evens out but still. On top of that, it's like a side journey right now and it's so godamn slow.  So keep going slow, the wait at the end is long. Thinking on it, the golden age arc, the arc where the anime takes place, is no doubt the best arc.  All that build-up to then be completely obliterated is the heart of what makes Berserk the best. On the release thing, I believe Miura has soooo much detail in EVERY page, no doubt it takes months to draw 20-35 pages with incredible minute detail. I was watching Mark Crilley (English Manga Artist) draw a spread and it took him 4 hours to just draw the city and another 4 hours to add tones.  Now, 8 hours total to draw half the detail/shading Miura puts in most his pages. Talk about freaking detail, especially in the later chapters.  I'll be well into my twenties before Guts and Griffith meet up again.

Another manga to reread: Vagabond.  He goes pretty wild for a long time and the story becomes fight after fight.  Somewhere it changes as Musashi grows older and it becomes more philosophical. I loved all the different technique houses Musashi fights. Some pretty skilled fighters he faces in the later chapters.  As for releases, I remember reading that Vagabond is soon to end. 

As much as i enjoy Toriko, I read it and it lacks something.  See, FT has too much whereas Toriko doesn't have enough.  OP comes in with the perfect balance of females. Or maybe because Toriko is a shounen lol.  As for FT, that was the power of friendship.  When a friend gets hurt, there is no foe strong enough. Such is reason why FT is pussy material here and there.  The friendship stuff really becomes heavy handed sometimes.  Lucy and her, 'for my friends' bullshit, the belief is seriously weak, and it's the sole basis for every commotion, every shout out, and every tear.  Natsu-"Oh fuck this guy, he just insulted my guild, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH"  *super saiyan. lol.

Sep 23, 2012