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TheMajor5 says...

OP- I only read from Mangastream and try to keep it on Wednesdays.  I'd have nothing to look forward to otherwise.  As for this chapter, fucking great.  Seriously entertaining to know that Zoro does have that side to him.  It was also thrilling to see Tashigi think, "Where have you become such beasts".  It really gives you a sense at how strong Zoro has become, since it's coming from someone who witnessed his power before the time skip.  He is seriously strong.  Didn't even care to fight her, because, like you said, she was that much weaker than him.  This is why i love OP.  But i doubt there is Conqueror Haki involved.  It would be a stretch if Oda bestowed that one in a million gift upon him.  Plus, i feel it would make it seem less special, since 2 people in the same crew have it.  I'm going with the fact that Monet was just that much weaker and the thought of him actually killing her froze her in fear.  He just has an oppressive fighting aura and she was intimidated by it, but doesn't necessarily mean he has Conqueror Haki. From what we've seen of that Haki before, the weaker opponents are knocked out.  If they are strong enough, then it does nothing.  Monet was just afraid of the beast.

Bleach- I just can't help but not care about bleach when OP was amazing.  But, Bach being his dad is ehh kinda lame.  I see people saying that maybe he's just a grandfather or something.  Another thing i don't care about is this family revelation.  Though, you're right about Ichigo going through another power up.  I just can't believe how strong H WAld was.  He alone is stronger than fucking aizen, what the hell.  But another power up here we come.  maybe we will get to see Zangetsu because he is just fucking badass.  One of my favorites in the Bleach world.  He has such awesome theme music.  Quincy Zangetsu.  Ahahahaha can't wait.  Hope we get an Ishin backstory or something.  I have a feeling/hope this will be awesome.

Oct 31, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

OP- Hmmm. We still have Law's plan.  Law seems to be focusing on the Yanko and all that shit about Big Mom leads me to believe that is where they are heading.  But soooo much could happen before that monstrous event.  They could spend time in Wano, head to Dof, but heading to where Dof is, just seems out of reach to me.  Maybe the members from his crew that are coming will kidnap someone and everyone will be forced to go to where he is?  It's just impossible to know.  Too much is going on in the world, from the Supernova team up to the current chapters.  I mean, shit, we haven't seen Franky in like 10-15 chapters. Once a week is too long of a wait. lol.  Zoro has Armament Haki for sure, but Observation Haki has yet to be shown. He wouldn't be able to fight Monet without the first one.  We shall see.  Seems the days go by pretty quick.

One of my favorite parts of Naruto is when Rocklee takes off his fucking 5k apiece weights.  ahhahaah, shit was awesome.  I also really like them.  The gates and fucking awesome and they both are strong as hell.  Guy looked pretty roughed up in this chapter though. 

I didn't want Teppei to die.  He's a pretty cool character.  As for Komatsu, that ranking is deserved, as you said.  Feels good knowing he is better than his former best friend, who only got like a 96.  Komatsu is moving up, all thanks to his "food luck"; cheesy ass name.

ahhaha, i thought the same thing.  It would of made more sense if like Elfman said, "Wasn't the first also called...".  Whatever.  The one thing that kinda bothers me though, is how Mavis is still there.  This whole final game has been one due to her intervening. Shows how competent Makarov is.

What did you expect from one of the greatest manga of all time.  Of course that shit gets better.  The whole Pagans need to be exterminated thing is so fucking brutal.  The priest is a sick fuck.  When i saw his torture chamber, i couldn't believe how fucked up the guy is.  Even if they are innocent, they still get fucked.  I'll say that when that scene of demise for that one lady(prostitute?) came up, when she was sent to the chamber, i just sat there looking at everything. Could you imagine if you innocent but forced to walk in a room of death like that?  Fucked up.  That orgy was something demonic.  Not but a few hundred yards away, there is a pagan hunt.  That horny goat thing was hella messed up.  Everything is so rotten.  You'll like where the whole story is headed.  It gives a certain something tangibility. THEN, the story starts getting good.  It's nice having new characters, ones that are not bound to anything and can help Guts relieve some of his burden.  Yeah, i plan on owning Berserk.  It's too good not to have.

Oct 29, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

OP- There's so much going on, a chapter barely moves the story lol.  As of now i'm torn as well.  They are either going straight to Wano country or the samurai will travel with them a little bit. Maybe Kino might even want vengeance? Or possibly Momo might join.  He did mention something about setting sail to accomplish something.  The possibility of having a kid join the crew, even temporarily, never crossed my mind.  It's almost exciting.  Love the little dragon.  So many possibilities.  Monet joining the crew seems unlikely now.  Her obedience towards Dof seems unwavering.  But if the possibility were to present itself, we would have another Nico Robin story.  Thus, i doubt it.  The note is still curious though.  I've been reading opinions and I to am curious why Zoro held back and didn't attack.  Ya think because he would of destroyed the section and let in the gas?  To overpowered to fight in the confines of that section?  We all know Zoro would whoop ass and Monet wouldn't stand a chance.  Can Zoro fight a woman? Now that Tashigi has joined, she might hinder him even more.  So much shit behind the scenes we are unaware of.

Bleach- this revelation of a new power, though it may seem cliche by now, and predictable, still has me excited.  "oh i could of fucking guessed he had quincy powers, he has ever other fucking power" is what about half of the readers probably thought.  Again, reading opinions and this one person thought it might all go back to Ichigo's dad and mysterious mom.  Ishin was demoted/banned for some love affair, which might of been a quincy, his mom.  So, now i can't remember it all, but the comment went on to say his Quincy powers have been dormant and he needed to hone his fullbring.  Which was also stated looking like a similar weapon to the Quincy bow, or something.  Still, as overpowered as Ichigo is at this point, i'm excited.  It's like DBZ.  No matter how many Super Sayains Goku powered up to, I still looked forward to em.

Naruto- Kishi hasn't been on break in like, forever.  Just when we are out of the flashback and shit's about to get real.  Naruto is about to fuck shit up though.  Madara bringing it up a notch.  Honestly though, Uchiha's have some serious emotional issues.  All of them are whiny bitches.  "Emotional distress... can't..take it...let's take out anger on other people".  Agreed about the war being Rated PG.  But it seems Kishi just focuses more on the story; he doesn't have time to include gore and just leaves it for key scenes, while Kubo is the opposite.

Fairy tail is getting pretty interesting. 

As of late, Toriko has been pretty easy going and all action.  Won't take long if you haven't already caught up.  As for Berserk, there's another chapter coming out real real soon.  Can't fucking wait.  Shit is finally starting to move.  But the arc you're on gets pretty fucking brutal.  I love the brutality and sheer demise portrayed in the Conviction Arc.  It's just so fucked up.  Tell me when you get to Vol 17 page 67-69.  Ha!  God i love Berserk.  No other manga has the plot to give you a glimpse into hell like Berserk.  Pretty good stuff in that arc.  Not sure about mangaeden but i know spectrum has HQ scans and that's where i read it.  Doubt the Translations differ, seeing as all those sites get em from one place, so don't know if i helped lol.  Fuck. Guts is such a badass.  Seriously.

Oct 27, 2012
roriconfan says...

So what did you mean with the comment you left on my K review?

Oct 23, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

OP- I had a good laugh with CC last chapter.  What you mentioned about the emotional change within 2 panels was priceless. I loved this chapter.  Finally we truly meet Momonoske. His dragon form is so freaking awesome; i simply love it.  Such a sweet ass dragon and when he flies by walking on clouds, fucking awesome.  The whole design and everything is completely OP style.  Can't get enough of it.  Artificial fruits though?  Fuck yes.  Vegapunk is a genius.  Just hope Momo can transform back.  It's worrisome when the fruit was named a defect.  As for Vergo, yeah he's getting whooped on.  Smoker now having hardening haki makes him pretty damn formidable.  Reading up on OPwiki and didn't realize but Monet is the first woman to appear being a logia user.  That is just crazy.  It's amazing how little logia users there truly are.  Greta chapter, mass shit going on though.

Bleach- Well bleach is just on a roll.  Finally ichigo gets out of that freaking bubble. He seems pretty pissed off. Should be some good chapters to come; i hope anyways.  But now that Ichigo is there, the Quincies are backing off.  You won't get your 'SS being destroyed' wish just yet.  A shame.

Naruto- Also doing real well lately.  Nice to see everything coming together.  I'm rather enjoying this flashback without Naruto. It only makes sense for Obito to die.  No way in hell his plan will succeed and he has turned to spiteful to turn back. I only hope he goes out with a bang.

Green Blood has been on my wish list since it came out. I'm just waiting for more chapters i guess. It looks crazy awesome from the picture though.

Oh man Berserk is fucking awesome.  You have to marathon it when you read it.  I was reading 2-3 volumes until it became too late. When I caught up Sunday, a new chapter came out Monday.  Fuck. Yes.  One thing about the long waits is that when a chapter does come out, you truly appreciate it.  So in a sense, the wait maybe be unbearable but it's not really, because the new chapters are worth the wait.  This new chapter was pretty nice and there's another new one on the 26th.  These are the moments a Berserk fan lives for ahahah.  Freaking Dragon slayer.  Such a massive sword.  A great moment when he obtains that sword.  That's when he turns into an even bigger badass motherfucker. Once again, great moments to come.  By the way, where exactly are you reading it?  -Where I went.  Pretty damn good HQ scans.  Dbl pages are big as hell to. If link sends you to page 1, go to page 62.

Oct 18, 2012