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TheMajor5 says...

So i just accidentally deleted like all my writing. What the fuck. Don't accidentally press ctrlW. fuck shit.

To begin, thanks for spacing out your paragraphs. A wall of text would have been a doozy. That song brings back some pretty nice feelings. Been too long since i heard it. Since i enjoy the idea of recing songs, i'm going to keep it going.

Well i only have a 2 series, that are finished, in my watching list, i'll watch. Bakuman or LotGH, which seems like such an undertaking, but from what i hear, it sounds like a great plot. Looking at your list though, there is much you need to see. There's about 16 series you should watch but for now, we will start with one. One that is so exotic, graphic, freaky, fucked up, sexed up, bloody, sensational, and thrilling, only know as Mnemosyne.  It's a 6, hour long, Ova that tops any gore i've ever seen. The Yuri subtext is quite nice as well. The whole time frame and everything is incredible. It's fun and you should check it out. After that, i'll have 15 for you. Also, surprised you have not seen the DBZ/Ghibli movies or One Piece movie 3.

I enjoyed Champloo much the same, but the ending left too much to be desired.  As you said, the main characters just parted. After all that time and bonding together, they just leave? We don't know much about what Foo does but i suppose that's the charm of the show.  As for Toonami, i heard about Naruto starting up. I guess they need to pull in the viewers, and what better way than America's favorite Japanese character. People wouldn't know what great anime is if they looked up the OP manga sales. What can ya do. Just be happy that we discovered it.

I did give them a shot.  I watched the movie for about 2 minutes, then skipped scenes, like one would in porn. I found nothing good about it. Thank god you caught up.  A close? ahahahaah yeah right. They are not even close to anything. It took forever to get off that damn island, which did little to the story. I can't tell you how happy i am to be rid of those vagina tentacle monsters. Hopefully there will be no more detours to Elfhelm.  I'm dieing to see casca with her memories. I hated her in the beginning but now, i seriously miss her and want tard casca gone. I want them to rekindle that spark that was there, if it ever will be. Then again, Guts has to really think hard if he wants to put Casca through all that again as she remembers it all. Tough call.  Yeah it's a shame they are only 24 pages, compared to the 40 a couple of years ago. The shit we deal with lol. The detail though is incredible, so in a way, it's tolerable. Get used to the 'Till Next Time. Next chapter will probably be out in March, so it's a nice wait. So you could of waited a year and still had plenty of time. But who would want to wait, fuck that.  Berserk is too good to hold off until later.  Yeah Isma is pretty cool i guess. Her and Isidiro make a pretty great pair. That arc was just ugh. I'm glad we are on our way. I've read the wiki more than a few times on that kid.  I believe it's that demon mutant spawn, grown up. Somehow, after Griffith spawned from it (idk read about it) it must of changed but nothing is known about the child. He only appears on full moons and looks like Casca and guts' offspring.  Seems, for now, he is protecting his parents.  Really don't want Rickert to meet Griffith. I just really hope he is mature enough not to be persuaded and understand what a bastard Griffith is. I've mentioned this before, but how the fuck is guts going to ever reach Griffith. The armor is tearing him to pieces. Will he go down the Skull knight's path? So much has yet to be explained.

OP-Wow that cover page was magnificent. So many marines in their prime and awesome SH suits.  It's going to be a great movie and i'm quite excited for the subs, which i hope won't take too long. As for the chapter, That last page ohhhhhh damn, CC is going to get double fucked with giant haki imbued fists of death. That last page was awesome, you just see luffy and his arms really stretching into the doorway, next chapter is going to be sweeeet. Man vergo got his ass handed to him, all his body parts are stuck to other shit lol. It will be interesting when we hear about Dof's past. What could corrupt a man so?

Bleach-Good ol' bleach basics. Back to the humor, which was really nice. I had a few laughs with the hot tub and everything. I'm liking the zero squad so far. I like his unique method of healing.  I'm assuming we will go to all the other islands as well and see some leveling up shit going on.

Naruto-ugh, friendship jutsu. No fucking way that lil bit will work. This happens all the time. Everyone has a plan-go through with plan-underestimated-enemy decimates. reborn jutsu so even though people die, they can come back.  Plus i agree with most people when they say Obito was better with the mask on(tobi).  He's being an emotional bitch and no longer witty/funny like he was.

Will not read Toriko for awhile. I'll wait till they get past this or a few chaps in but i dont want to read it. It's a manga i can wait weeks for, unlike the big 3.

Dec 5, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

Holy shit wall of text batman. There is much that has been said and much to say now. But first, i would like to introduce a song for you to enjoy as you read my reply.   The part from 0:00-0:22 is my favorite. That part is played throughout the song and i love it. OHHH the agony of a good series ending. It's series like this that i have to take a few days before i start anything else. 

Hory sheet, it's an OVA? I mean, i guess that just means they can incorporate any type of violence and sex they want, which is great, but never seen an OVA that long either. Yeah, it's pretty hard to live up to a legend. Love Samurai Champloo though. The beginning song is on my iPOD sadly and i own the box set. If i remember right, the ending felt unfinished. I'll have to watch that shit again. Unrelated note: been dieing to watch Black Lagoon again. Gungrave was pretty amazing as well. All those anime-only series were in their prime. Def remember watching Champloo on Adult Swim back in the day.  Great times.

When i found out Mikado (don't know how the fuck you remember the names so easily) was the creator of  The Dollars, it was a great moment. The whole conflict between the 3 branches was superb.  The way each character built off each other and the scope of the world that was built was certainly great as well. Sonohara's flashback was fucked like you said. Her mom killing her dad then herself. I would never have guessed a mundane girl could have such a colorful past. I've seen Baccano! though. I'll be the minority and say i liked Durarara!! more.  Baccano! was good and might even be amazing with a second watch, but i loved how Drrr was modernized. The scope of the city and the internet sensation was very cool.

I was hopeful that the Berserk Movies would stretch the story a little further. That hope was crushed and stomped on and spat at. Fuck those movies. Why would they ruin a good opportunity to bring the series to, idk, the reborn of Griffith with a shitty remake in shitty 3D CGI at shitty movie length. With those shitty movies, they have failed to convey the bonds Guts shared with Band of the Hawk/Griffith. Sooo much has been left out. I would absolutely love a continuation though. It would be incredible, as long as it wasn't made with horrendous animation. Don't be afraid to fan boy though, because vol 28 doesn't indicate exactly what's going on (unless i look it up). The armor is fierce looking.  This whole, trying to control the rage and it slowly consuming him, is such a great conflict. It's simply amazing.  To get his revenge, Guts has to endure not just the impossible task of reaching a God Hand, but also his inner rage. Again, It's incredible. When i was rereading Berserk, i swear i read 3-4 volumes at a time. Like you, i would look up and wonder where the time went. The story really moves each volume and so much happens to the characters that it's impossible to not read on.

Believe me, i love character profiles to. When OP introduces someone, I'm all for it. Fairy Tail/Naruto/Bleach introducing someone(not 25 people), great. It usually pertains to the story. 12 pages of nothing but characters and 15 of those characters are seriously unimportant, is beyond excessive. Fuck i don't care, i read that shit for free. I would probably skip that chapter in HxH though. Well, the arts terrible as is so i'll never get to that chapter in the first place.  Heavy dialogue is nothing. I've read Bakuman. Which was incredible. I believe you know but there was mass explaining and the series revolved around talking.

OP- Fuck yes. Luffy was pissed.  Man i can't wait for him to beat CC's bitch ass. Truly an evil villain. As for SAD being a component of Smiles, I fucking love it as well. A Logia army would be too overpowered and unfair for OP so no chance. Plus, i always thought it somewhat thrilling(magical?) to come across that one in a million Logia user. To see an army would take away that rare factor. As for who might have the army, well we know nothing about Kaido and we have seen a couple of Big Mam's underlings and one was that Tiger who could turn into a turtle. I have no clue who could have the army.  Pretty freaking cool though. Fake devil fruit production is just beyond my expectations. Era of Smiles? Wow. I bet no one ever guessed what that little line would lead to. Just awesome. This is why i love OP and Oda. Dof is truly an evil underground mother fucker.

Kenpachi is too strong and doesn't need their healing.  Loved that Japanese ganster guy though. Way more badass than i thought he would be.  He has a beef with just about everyone. Being a healer to top it off, It's as if all the healers in the past have been women, thus i never saw that coming as well. Looks like Kubo pulled a fast one on everyone. Pretty neat. Looking forward to soul king to. Can't imagine what the bastard will look like. Kinda reminds me of DBZ where Goku goes to meet the Grand Kai, and he's this old rock and roll guy. It surprised just about everyone.  ahahahah, shit, if that will be what the SK looks like, it'll be perfect for his surprise theme. Has it really been 6 months? No way.

Yeah, 10 tails is not complete, but he still managed to make 9/8 tails attack look like nothing. It will be interesting to see how they defeat the ultimate threat, along with Madara and Obito.

Nov 22, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

Forgot to mention i really liked Shizuo as well.  That guy who hates violence but gets mad so easily. HAHHAAH loved when they showed him growing up, everytime he would get mad, he would snap something in his hand and step on it. ahahahaha great characters.

Nov 20, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

It took me 2 years to watch Durarara!! and i fucking loved it.  No clue why it took me so long but god was it awesome. I'd buy that shit if it was obtainable. Celty, the headless fairy, was just the best. Aww I can't believe i waited so long.

Nov 20, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

Comment below, good to hear Legend of Galactic Heroes animation gets better. Was looking up a rec about a dog and stumbled upon LotGH and it's now on my list. Anidb has it as like the highest rated anime of all time. It must be a stellar watch. Lot of eps though. That era of anime hailed some of the best there is. Wish they could make some anime like they used to. We need another Bebop-esque, but not quite as good because, well, that's an unreachable feat. Or something along those lines.

Didn't realize Gintama had a plot. Interesting. But aliens in edo era? Idk, it almost reminds me of the ludicrous movie: Cowboys and Aliens. Still Gintama has a pretty huge fanbase so it must be doing something right. Magi sounds pretty fun. The concept has yet to be done surprisingly. Not sure why they started an anime on it though. With only like 160 chaps, they'll catch up fast and ruin it somehow. Why can't they animate other manga that have finished? It baffles me how they can fuck up some great serious. I could pick a handful of manga i've completed that would make awesome animations. Then again, i wouldn't want them to fuck up the integrity of the manga but making a shitty adaption.

Wow, i caught up on Toriko and that last chapter was the most bullshit filler garbage. I couldn't give a shit about half of those guys. Naming 25-11 was so pointless, and to take up 6 pages doing it was beyond enough. The thing I dislike about Toriko, when compared to OP, is Toriko just, fuck idk how to say this, explains too much with words. Useless babble like that last chapter was filled with. The 39 billion people and how everyone is at home watching it and the shit about cds selling 4 million and all that shit gets on my nerves. Who cares? I know the author is trying to scope it for us but it's just hard to read sometimes. 

You need not worry about the crew for there in lies Guts, protector. If he is not around, they then make a pretty formidable group, which is nice because Guts can then do his thing.  Shit planned in advance? I have about 200 manga on my wish list (90 in reading list that i'm about 20-30 chaps behind), the hardest part is deciding which one to start.  The problem with that is that i hate starting a lot of series if it has the chance of being dropped/slow releases/hiatus or something or rather. Thus i like to wait until they are complete or the story actually gets rolling. That and right now i don't feel like reading anything. Nothing looks really eye catching either. Been watching anime though. Watched Recollections of a Certain Air Pilot, which was quite good. Then the Fate/zero series. Also unexpectedly good. 

Nov 19, 2012