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TheMajor5 Jan 23, 2013


So finished Bebop today for the 3rd time and i seriously love it. The last 4 eps are really emotionally powerful. Ed and Ein leaving was pretty heart-breaking. Spike going after his past and not returning all the while seeing Jet worried and truly missing the family that they became. I just have this feeling of contempt but longing for more and pain and all sorts of emotions from the whole show. Truly a masterpiece if i've ever seen one.

OP-Yeah a feast! Great arc and can't wait to see what Kaido looks like. Nice wrap up though.

Bleach- Really awesome fight. Kenpachi being this overpowered is crazy.

Naruto- Great to see them finally power up and lee kicking ass.

TheMajor5 Jan 22, 2013

Surprised you touched the Naruto anime lol. Pretty good timing with bebop rec. Just got my brother, who is not into anime, to start watching Bebop (21st). Thus, i have also been watching it and i really enjoy the ending. The most recent episode was 14 with the chess master but the Jupitar Jazz 2 parter before that episode is incredible. With the guy who had fucked hormones and played the sax. Really like those eps, plus i love that sax song. Def on the softer side of things but it fits the mood so well.  It really tugs the heart strings. Such a range of emotion throughout the series. Just fucking love Bebop. Thus, while on Bebop, here is my rec.

OP-no clue who it is but i'm curious what sort of events this new appearance will mean to the story. Either way, we will know soon.  Great to see Nami and Usopp have a part for once.

Bleach-Seriously going to be a cool fight. Not sure who i am rooting for after seeing unohana turn into a demented monster. Crazy awesome art.

Naruto- Ugh, more speech jutsu. Can't wait to see sasuke and get the fighting back on track.

Been playing COD:BO2 and haven't read manga except for big 3 and ToG/Magician. Plus, just don't feel like reading Toriko or FT as of late. Won't be much fun reading if i read something i have little interest in at the moment. So can't talk about anything on Toriko front just yet.

TheMajor5 Dec 30, 2012

I'll have to agree and say after the first half, it gets tiring. Liked the first half though. Now i have a treat for you.... Didn't realize you never watched this until i already put the song in, fuck. Regardless you may like it; this was back in the day when Shippuden just started and it had a great opening. Back when Naruto wasn't friends with 9-tails and the Akatsuki were the only threat. It was pretty good back then.  Miss those simple times. The first Naruto had some good parts to. Takes me back thinking about the exams and the Zabuza and ice dome girl(boy?) fight.

Not trust a website? Do they give you false info? Ha the point is, MU is soooo easy to update your list. Every manga is displayed on one page and again, you can find mass manga . The best part is, they have a release page which lets you see when the series immediately comes out and you can visit the scanlator sites to read em', if they have a reader. I used to use this site, and not trying to promote anything, but MU is just a ton easier. Just letting you know.

On another note, you do know there is an actual "list" feature in which you can make every list you can think of right? Or like me, you make em in your profile so people can see them? I do have like 5 lists though, anime i own, great anime/manga/movies, and anime i want to own. 

OP- "nooooooooooooooooooo", i yelled as monet's heart was stabbed. Not Monet! I really really liked her. Such a tragedy. To spark such emotion from an evil character is writing at it's finest. No way is she not dead though. One cannot survive a wound to the heart. Dof flying? what the fuck are his powers? Manipulating strings to float on water, kinda like the guy in Toriko? The guy is mad crazy now though. Mangastream didn't say anything about 2-3 week break at end of chapter so idk. I hope not, shit is getting intense now.

Bleach- We seriously got trolled that entire chapter except the ending. Like, 75% of it was useless. No love for there zanpakuto? Ichigo went through hell and gaining friendship to reach the ultimate tesuga. What else should he have done? either way, onto more training.

Naruto- Not much but a motivational chapter. At least his head is back in the game and we can move on.

Good to know. Will start in few chapters possibly. Enjoying only reading the big 3 every week though.

TheMajor5 Dec 22, 2012

Took long enough, but fuck, these long ass paragraphs are daunting. Anyways, never seen Monster, but i have read it. Nice song choice though. Onto my song. I have 3 top songs. Top anime, top rock, and top electronic. Here's my top anime song. No need for more words.    

Quicky- all your nice pics are gone. Should make a list of all the anime you own. Also, should make a manga updates list. Really easy to update and you can find so many more mangas.

I'm tempted to catch up on OP anime just to see those episodes, but i doubt that will happen anytime soon. Though i have been waiting to watch the anime till the fish-man island arc is over; guess that time has come. Howl's Moving Castle was indeed not on par with the other greats, but I found it pretty nice anyway. It's hard to top Mononoke and Spirited Away. Nausicaa is great, the manga is breath taking. I'm just a huge fan of the fantasy aspect you can't find anywhere else. Can't wait for the new one Miyazaki has been working on. No clue when it comes out though. The new one by his son was too slow for me, wish they would go back to the roots and do the fantasy types like they did. The new ones are really tamed. I'll have to agree with you when you say DBZ isn't the best. Cell saga was alright but the boo saga wore me down. Loved the beginning and Dragonball though. Brother recently rewatched DBZ and god was there way way way too much fluff. I can understand the desire to owning Kai now.  DBZ was the foundation of my anime experience, so i had to watch everything that involved it. The movies are surprisingly good, at least the first 3, then it gets hairy.  Still, hardly anytime is invested in a movie, probably the reason i like em' so much.

You can't understand how much the sea god arc sucked unless you waited for each chapter for a couple years. It just felt incredibly long for something that hardly progressed the story. Now i know they couldn't just cruise straight to Elfhelm, that would seem preposterous. That would almost too short and the arrival wouldn't be as grand. In a way, I don't understand why I didn't like it lol.  In the end, that fight was pretty sick but i'm pretty stoked the crew is on their way. Also, can't believe it but a new chapter comes out as soon as dec 28th. Never seen one out so early.  Again, i love Casca to. it's just hard seeing Guts really caring for her and she doesn't even know it.  But i never figured Farnese would be used for that purpose, being he only has eyes for Casca; Plus, as you mentioned, he would be betraying her. The way they began their romance was brilliant. Casca being jealous over him the entire time and hating him and his attitude, then showing weakness and giving in. Perfect. What really makes it touching is that the romance lasted but a moment. It does hit pretty hard though. Miss those times.  Guts' rage is becoming too much for the witch, so it'll be interesting to see how that all progresses. Shit, i just can't wait for the new chapter.  There really is nothing more to say about it.  As for Rickert, I hope he is smart. Seeing Griffith after all that time will be a nice change of pace. I'm curious to see what else an all powerful God Hand does in his spare time. He already has his own utopia. 

OP- I've also heard that theory that the heart may not be smoker's. I'm not sure what to think if it is, since he really has a sense of justice and for that to be in jeopardy, well that is serious evil in Law's part.  I have my problems with a movie being canon as well.  Reading the manga, we enter the new world and hear a call and go to Punk Hazard. Where does this movie fit? I guess i just don't like seeing characters in the movie that we have not yet seen in the manga. But i'm still really stoked, just minor quibbles.  I'd much rather have any movie Oda works on that bullshit trash Naruto movies or Bleach ones. The canon just gives it a way to actually connect instead of being completely distant, which the latter is usually not great either. Being completely distance makes the movie filler and thus not nearly as interesting. Canon movies really are the best type a movie can be in a big series. So within this comment, i have reasoned with my own beliefs here. Pretty happy with my conclusion.

Naruto-I like the war and all, but what ever happened to crybaby sasuke? Been missing him. Would like to hear what the guy who knows everything has to say.

TheMajor5 Dec 18, 2012

Part 1. Just the big 3 discussion, didn't expect them be released so damn soon. This time, i couldn't hold back and had to read em and i have to say, wow.

OP- Well, now we know why Oda has taken so much time off and boy has he been busy. The movie and 3 color spreads in a row? My god, that is incredible. They have all been beyond fantastic. We get to see so many faces we haven't seen in 2 years; I'm getting really excited for what's too come in next year, when/if we get to see everyone again. Love Baby 5. Love her personality and how she loves feeling needed. Pure genius. I just love it.  Her turning into a sword and a bomb...ahahahaah right on.  Looks too funny, but what a great ability. Pretty unique if i say so myself.  Buffalo's fruit for that matter is pretty neat, but not like Baby 5's. CC just needs to stay down! Man i hope he doesn't escape and with Smoker's heart to boot. Franky will win, he just has to. As for Kinemon, no way is he down, chopper will find a cure i'm certain. Not surprised Monet is alive, but to die for Dof, and kill everyone as well, idk about this. Part of me think someone will grab her and take her with them to escape and the compassion will change her, then again, she may just do it. The suspense! I really like Monet too. Great chapter, it's sad to see this arc ending because it has been so much fun. Can't believe it started from finding Kinemon in pieces, that seems long ago.  Much love for OP.

Bleach- I'm quite enjoying this rehab and everything.  Always loved the training arcs, because that is about the only thing bleach had going for it.  Pretty nice surprise to see that woman come out skinny too. Kubo has a way of drawing women. The best part though is how each of them have something they contributed which was recognized by the SK. Looking forward to Ouetsu's explanation about zanpakuto and his training. Quite interesting.

Naruto- Bet this chapter made you happy.  People really seem to be piling up now. Kinda liked Neji but we didn't see enough of him for me to really grieve. At least now Naruto has his motivation to kick some ass. Other than that, not much this chapter.  Wish that guy with the wood jutsu (who trained Naruto) would come back, i really liked him.