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Minai99 says...

Sup there, dude? I was bored and looking for new people to talk to on anime-planet to fuel my anime obsession. You happen to fit that bill. :p I see you have quite a nice list of anime you've seen and like, there. How are you enjoying legend of the galactic heroes? 

Jul 11, 2013
TheMajor5 says...

it's 9pm and about my bed time so i'll make this short and sweet. Working is not bad but damn i'm always tired and never feel like typing a message lol. Anyways, just right this second, i had a lapse in sanity and spent 200 on manga. My first manga purchase ever. Luckily, i looked in the bank and got my 475 tax return back so yeah, some guilt free spending money. Bought 20th Century Boys and, if it's not sold out after the reprint, Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind, which comes in 2 amazing hardbound books. 20th CB was a buy after i just got done reading an article on it and upon the comments, someone said there was a 50% deal on all the novels. fuck it. Two great manga now in my collection. Never planned on owning manga but nothing wrong with owning my absolute favorites, that are complete i might add. To the point.

OP is fucking amazing shit. Seriously funny as hell. God damn i'm fanboying. The crew with beards and everything is hilarious. The whole dressrosa vibe and the coluseum battle coming up is going to be incredible. Finally. SOmething every other manga has done will be outdone by oda. Also, been reading and luffy at the end does seem like a Master Roshi reference. Luffy looks exactly like him, with the beard/glasses/hat and all.  Also read there might be a FT reference in there as well. I'm super excited for this whole thing. The dball reference and ace's fruit at stake, which btw, was hilarious when he asked franky to eat it LOL. shit. Sanji in some steamy water with his new found crazy love, seems like we will have mutiple things going on like punk hazard. The humor and everything has me laughing. The suspense in knowing who that hard hitting blind guy is. Though upon reading, and going with odas theme for admirals, that guy is the new admiral. who knows, lot going on and much to talk about.

Naruto - no time left. Liking this flashback.

Bleach - no complaints but it's whatever. That hollow is pretty crazy.

Mar 28, 2013
blazehack says...

Hay nice avatar you got there l0l xD

Mar 2, 2013
TheMajor5 says...

OP-well i'm fucking loving this direction. So many things going on info wise. Aokiji being a lone wolf doing detective shit and being all badass. He's still got it. Makes ya wonder how corrupt the marines are. Momonosuke and his fucking pervy tactics had me rolling. When he made that grin while his face was in nami's boobs, hysterical.  Everyone was jealous. Didn't think don would actually resign. I just don't see how him resigning benefits law's cause. It's always nice to see a newspaper too. They usually have some great information. Also, the cover art with knights and shit; that was awesome. I don't know how Oda does it.

Naruto- So i read 2 chaps today since i didn't read it last week because OP didn't come out. Loving it. I really like hashirama. I read how everyone says what's going on is super saiyan bullshit but its freaking sweet. My fav part might be that he has free will but is choosing not to do anything, that is a testament to how strong he is. Fascinating. The 4th learning about Naruto was nice. A sucker for them family moments. Would be cool if he actually got to meet naruto. Now, the 2nd chapter, fucking hashirama fighting madara was the bees knees.  We knew madara was strong, but hashirama pulling out that giant 4 layered wall and then turning into a wood sage mood and summoning the 1000 arm buddha, so fucking awesome. I take great interest in the wood element style but to be a sage mode and beast that shit, just crazy cool. Really enjoying this and from probably will.

Bleach- Again i read 2 chaps. Couple things here. The fight was amazing. Liked the idea behind the power being restrained for the sake of fighting on someone's level. He is just insanely strong. Liking it. Shame the woman had to die, her blood lust made for an exciting read. Wish we knew kenpachi's zanpakuto's form and everything but whatev'. Would have never guessed Ichigo would of failed. Never ever. Reading comments and it seems this will lead to possibly knowing more about Isshin and Ichigo's blood line. Then he will gain what he does not have and become a full fledged shinigami. A great week for the big 3. Had me pretty excited reading em'.

Feb 21, 2013
TheMajor5 says...

So, shit is getting real.

OP- yeah, fuckin Aokiji showing up at the perfect time. This info about kaido is crazy. Don showing his powers, simply awesome. Plot is really moving now.  Super excited.

Naruto- pretty fucking awesome. Really enjoying this resurrection of the hokages. Nice change of pace.

Feb 6, 2013