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nallyasian says...

i miss you nigga.

and im fine btw haha wbu?? ;-; <3

Aug 15, 2013
nallyasian says...





Aug 15, 2013
nallyasian says...


Aug 9, 2013
Minai99 says...

Hey dude just wanted to know I'll respond in a few days...Just been caught up in a Mass effect 3 marathon and haven't been on my computer much, if at all. :p

Jul 22, 2013
TheMajor5 says...

Sup dog. Been long as hell but that's how shit goes. Seems you are still watching anime. Shit, i am on some anime drought. Nothing looks good nor do i want to invest the time into it. Barely reading manga except for maybe 15 i believe.

Newest one is Kingdom, which i fucking HIGHLY recommend. HIGHLY. Don't watch the anime if you have yet to but read it. Way more satisfying. The anime leaves out mad content. Let me put this in terms here. Kingdom is on par with Berserk in terms of execution. The strategic battles, warring kingdoms, character development and everything simply work extremely well. You obviously can't compare the 2 but you get my point. Seriously quality and i wouldn't recommend a shitty manga. Plus it gets updates like 5 chaps every week and with it currently at 166 scanned, they have yet to scan the 200 remaining. awwwwwwwww yiss. Motha fuckin sweetness.

OP-well as i imagine you are reading this, awesomeness is going down. Freaking dwarves, fight for the mera mera fruit, i think i like this arc more than punk hazard, and that was a super beast arc. This dressrosa is just really fleshing out nicely. Luffy's fighting and the new admiral along with freaking usoland (ahahahahahah), so far everything has been really great.

Jul 22, 2013