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TheMajor5 says...

OP- you're def right about Doflamingo looking like a badass.  He seems so fucking ruthless with that cunning grin and style.  I just want Luffy to meet him so we get a glimpse at how strong he is.  Well, it seems that every SHP character has his own storyline and law and smoker as well.  So many characters coming together, like you said, a massive amount of story telling going on, gets your head spinning thinkin' bout it.  It's so fucking amazing though.

bleach-dude, North is going to be some heavenly shit.  Though i don't want him to die. NO one is half as badass as Yama.  I mean, yes SS possibly crumbling would be cool.  now that i think about it, wasn't there something said that this was the hell arc?  or weren't we supposed to eventually find out something about the kings or something?

Def remember OPM 6. Loved the art in that one.  really liked the few eps they did in the series, where Robin got blown to Tequila Wolf.  Yeah just like kemon.  Something about the simpleness of it all.  Shit, i still don't remember PB after you mentioned the ending LOL.  Shit gets lost on me so easily.  As for NS, i have seen it and it was enjoyable.  Love all the older animations, they look crude but that's their charm.  Still pretty pissed about the new Berserk movies.  They look so shitty, i can't bear to watch em'.  Such a waste.  HATE cgi.  Gawd does it look awful.  I mean, i can tolerate some like in GITS, where the cars look cgi, but other than that, shit is garbage.

So after i watched this movie, Tezuka Osamu's Buddha, I read the manga and man was it awesome.  Really intricate in how all these characters come together and fall apart.  Pretty interesting to read about Buddha to; I've always had a small fascination with the religion.  Plus. the drawing style tends to grown on ya.

So, how does Vagabond and Berserk fair?  I see you're slowly turning the pages.

also, how in the hell can you peak ahead like that?  I could never do something like that.  The best part is being surprised at what's going to happen.  Crazy motherfucker. ahha

Sep 20, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

*tears of joy and sorrow.

OP- WHY OH WHY does it have to go on break??  Oda has taken more breaks than i can remember.  What timing!!  Seriously, this chapter was amazing.  Just awesome.  Doflamingo making an appearance and his crew showing up as well, pretty interesting.  Man, this week is going to be a killer.  I'm dying to know what SAD is.  How big of a weapon is S.A.D?  Law going to get lynched? Yeah, like that'll happen.  Pretty cool how DD mentioned Luffy's haki.  Luffy being all childish makes him seem like he's harmless lol.  Chopper raging in monster form; shit is getting real.  Great chapter, will be a super hard 2 week wait.  Super difficult.

Bleach- Sweeeet. Lovin this huge power the commander is admitting.  Freaking fire zombies and shit, man if he loses, i will be pretty pissed.  He has become one giant powerhouse, there's no stopping him.  Bach guy is about to shit himself lol.

Naruto- Well that explains that, but why on Earth did Obito turn to Darth Vader?  Whatever, nothing but giant flashback.  i find it kinda interesting.

Didn't realize you weren't caught up in Toriko yet, my bad.  Pretty cool what's going on so far with it though.

As for OP movie, idk what to think about it being canon.  Yeah that's awesome but also yeah it's not.  Idk, i'm excitied for it but just having there ultimate rival appear in the movie and not actually be in the manga (part of the actual story) kind of bugs me.  We will see.  I'm sure it'll be pretty stellar nonetheless.  Also i have seen Perfect Blue, just don't remember the ending.

Sep 19, 2012
RoronoaDamla says...

grrr... ;D i like nerds haha xD 

yeah i have an anime in mind i want to write about as well. :D

Sep 16, 2012
RoronoaDamla says...

you read too much mangas :@ i cant catch up with you xD

Sep 14, 2012
TheMajor5 says...

Man, Whisper of the Heart seemed so unbelievably slow. Wanted to watch it but i just couldn't get into it.  Might pick it up but idk, seems to original compared to other Ghibli films.  Mononoke is my fav but Nausicaa and Spirit Away come very very very close.  I read Nausicaa's manga version after the movie, holy shit was it breath-takingly beautiful.  The art, the story, the creatures, everything was so detailed.  Work of art in every sense. Kinkreet is up there but not sure if in my top 10 or not. I've seen so many movies (109) that it's hard to decide anymore.  Loved Akira and the manga was fucking tits as well.  Loved the old-school art and the dystopian scape.  Another mega fav is Redline.  Now that is a work of art.  7 years with every panel drawn by hand, who would not put that in their favorites.  The first Gits movie, being a huge fan, well, i just really enjoy it.  Thinking on it, it's hard to go wrong with a Ghibli movie.  Howl's, Arrietty, Laputa, Totoro and Porco and just amazing movies.  Studio Ghibli needs to go back to that wonderful creativity they had in all the older movies.  I mean Arrietty it good, but it's nothing compared to the others before it.  The new ones are missing that imagination.  Satoshi Kon's movies are great as well.  Really enjoyed Millennium Actress. Could go on about movies all day.  Fuck, can't forget about the Bepop movie.  Love Bebop.

Was once going to watch Shigurui but heard the plot was terrible or something.  That and the gore was massive. Never had another notion to watch it.As for Toriko, lol, i just spent last week catching up. That fucking 350+level monster is pretty crazy.  Can't wait till they get to Gourmet World. (seems to have the same formula as OP, but with food.)

Naruto- Forgot about Sasuke ahahahaha. Fuck i about don't care about him anymore.  He's probably gonna make nice with Naruto until tobi/madara are defeated, then resume there feud. hahaha what shit if that happens.

Bleach-It  would be interesting if he lost but MAN it also wouldn't.  Maybe if he didn't die or something. I mean Ichigo being stronger than the old man??? Seriously? No fucking way it's possible, yet somehow Kubo will make it happen. I'm wondering where this arc is going.  Kubo said a year or 2 more.  We are already at the quincy boss. Well whatever, as long as the action keeps coming.

OP-dude i understand the feeling. Loven this arc as well.  Gah, Will Law still continue the plan while befriending Luffy?  That freaking smile at the end ahahaahha.

Sep 13, 2012