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TheMajor5 says...

so it's been a long while. Once again i am here because i know you can appreciate good manga and i need to let someone, anyone, know about this manga. Not sure if you read my last 2 recs (pun pun and kingdom) but this one is different. way the fuck different. It's called Molester Man and it's a TRUE account on how this guy got misunderstood for a molester and the result of all that. Let me say this one more time, IT"S TRUE. After i read it, i was simply moved to tears just about. It's a romance comedy but there is nothing like it out there. It's genuine, heart warming, incredible, funny and simply happiness. The art may throw you, keep reading. Keep reading because after chapter 2, you will be absorbed. The whole story is an actual account that was documented on 2ch by the guy himself as the whole thing was taking place. That's why the story is incredible. That's why you should def give it a try and not hold off like i did. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

Almost forgot, as busy as you are, it's only 21 chapters with average 45 pages each.

Nov 24, 2013
danewara says...

Thanks! I want to enjoy the anime community. :3 

Sep 13, 2013
TheMajor5 says...

So, like Kingdom, Ive put off this manga for awhile and it remained in my wish list for some time. The ratings were really high, the genres fit my taste, but the description of the main character was whack.  The amazing reviews and my instinct told me to hold onto this manga but again, PunPun is about the main character who is a boy depicted as a fucking simple drawing of a bird living in a real world environment. For the longest time i've sat on this manga. A couple days ago i started and just finished the 12th volume, with the 13th final volume coming out in the winter. My god. My fucking god dude. This is something you don't want to sit on. Somehow, this boy's (punpun) ordinary, yet tough, life captivates you. I couldn't believe how interested i was in it until i kept thinking about how i was going to get home and read it. Everything is masterfully crafted. Just like Kingdom, both of which have surprised beyond thought. They have managed to become incredible reads worthy of praise. Some manga/anime you just put off and off but once you read/watch them, it's something else how you wish you didn't wait as long. So you may be busy but you need to def look into Goodnight Punpun and if you haven't already, check out Kingdom.

Aug 25, 2013
Minai99 says...

lol I don't think it's quite that cut and dry, but at the very least, should someone say something negative about a show that you happen to like, there is a much greater chance of your being able to call them on their statement, ask why they think so, and bring up several specific points that they probably don't even remember to support your opinion. I know for a fact that people's perception of a show can and will vary with time, depending on what one has already seen, the mood one is in and the environment one is in when watching, and just general outlook on life. Show me the same episode 5 months apart  and I might have a completely different reaction to it. But having seen as how many times, it's easier to amalgamate all of ones experiences and come up with a common, slightly more objective opinion about the show. I can bring up specific moments in a show, the way someone said something, the way things were drawn or animated, that made for a pleasurable experience, where someone who only watched a show once a long time ago will more likely only be able to recall a vague sense of dislike. They very well might have a legitimate point for disliking a show, which you are then able to debate in detail if necessary, but more than less likely, their current feelings about a show might not be justified if they can barely even remember it anymore. 

Aug 18, 2013
Minai99 says...

I suppose that how many times you've rewatched a show is an indication of how much you like it. But really I think it just makes for a more accurate account of how much time has actually been spent watching anime. The pace at which I watch new shows is relatively slow, but I'm rewatching shows that I think are good all the time. I find it much more engaging in general to be able to share these shows with other people and be able to discuss them. My time watched counter increased by 50% after accounting for number of times watched. If the site only counts it once, it gives the impression that I've spent much less time watching anime in my life than I actually have. Times watched also speaks to a depth of appreciation for anime over breadth. I might not have seen as MANY shows as some other people, but there is a good chance that there are certain shows I know much more about than they do, especially if they only watched them once 5 years ago. :p

Aug 18, 2013