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skol983 says...

are you kidding?? who am i? not 94 but quite a few.. nice to meet you pryoah hope that you having fun:-)

Jan 7, 2015
Makudo333 says...

I´m from luxembourg here nice to meet you too and I hope that you like this site so far :)

Too many good animes out there haha but maybe I could tell you some that I find good or you can just look at my profile and then at my anime list there which got a lot of stars from me.

Sorry for the late reponse by the way but the week is pretty stressfull.



Dec 9, 2014
pryoah says...

Yo, just going through a bunch of stuff on the site, clicked your user, clicked on anime, clicked on watched, and I just have to know..... did you honestly watch Rurouni Kenshin 94 times! I love anime just as much as the next person, but that's just an impressive resistance to irration you got there to have done that.

Dec 8, 2014
Makudo333 says...

huhu I saw your list on the basilisk anime page and just wanted to leave a hi :) I see that I am the first one to comment I hope you enjoy your time here

Dec 1, 2014