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I came here in order to find anime I like mostly because I am indecisive. I hate naruto, bleach, deathnote, and all those shitty mainstream animes that I'm so sure most of you here love. I hate most of the shit that you underaged tweens love especially twilight, and your horrible taste in music. I could go on to list the things I like but I dont actually give a crap what you guys think, however in the unlikely chance that your reading this and agreeing with what I say, then we will most likely get along, if not piss off.

with warm regards


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Shortylynnchaos says...

Any chance I could reccommend my fav anime Horizon On The MIddle Of Nowhere? sure its a bit of an echii but its anything but mainstrea since no one even knows about it..... which makes me sad and yeah not to much of a fan of bleach and naruto myself, too many fillers if you ask me. And for the record, nightwish is better than this pop shit these kids listen to XD

anyways hi! and i hope youll like Horizon!

P.S. if vampires sparkled wed have killed them by now

May 13, 2014
Achan says...

haha okay dude .. stick with yours and imma stick with mines lol

Oct 17, 2010
Achan says...

because it was so violent and it was so not how a relationship suppose to be  and p.s it was band in japan

Sep 6, 2010