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Hey, I'm Ske

I got into anime through a friend more than a year ago. He hadn't ever watched anime either. It was strange...we came across fullmetal alchemist from some random girl who suggested it. We watched it and seemingly got addicted. Ever since then, I've been watching various series based on recommendations.

I never thought I would like anime. You could almost say I was one of the ignorant people who thought all anime was hentai (which I was sure wasn't true, but thats what most people's opinion of it seemed like). If more people just sat down and watched it, they too would understand how good it really is. I'm glad that I did get into it, even though there are times I get so addicted it prevents me from doing what I need to do (such as work), but now its only a slight distraction...not an obsession.

Anyway, I'm not the most experienced person to ask, but I know a fair bit about anime. So feel free to ask me any questions. I have facebook, myspace, bebo, msn ... if you want an add ask xD.

Apart from anime, I'm into various sports such as tennis, snowboarding,american football. I enjoy going out with mates mostly.

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February 15, 2008

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December 4, 2008

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South avatar South


Dec 4, 2008

Yeah you better update it mon!

No sorry, I don't have an MSN >.<

South avatar South

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Dec 2, 2008

heyo man! nice view on anime you got, i fully agree

like your top 5 too, but it seems you've watched a very small amount of anime for being a fan :O

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