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Mind Game

Oct 21, 2010

Demograph: 18+

Story 9.1/10

A collection of barely likeable characters made even more ugly by the capricious use of random animation techniques. An innappropriate use of Matsumoto Taiyou-esque designs in a flat, out-of-place world of disconnected and hardly appropriate thoughts.

Like it's soundtrack; a jazzy, infuriated rush through a dreamland of improvised gamery. A voidless explosion of creativity, unbound by rational thought and sequence. Enacted and enjoyed on a whim. A  dream. A game. A mental jongleur.

In the end a frantic but successful grasp at the unrealistic.

Like the parent on the carosel, the dick clasped between the legs, reality calmly waits at the sideline for the party to finish and the cast to rap themselves up. And it does so in a gracious yet pumpingly real pinacle which makes us remember our lives as like dust on the breeze; and to forget the 'gravity' of our vices. We will continue in a beautiful rythm until... it's over.

So many metonyms and so much hidden meaning, though never cleverly enacted, produce a satisfying feeling. Perhaps it just makes us feel clever, even, at the same time as feeling completely irrelevant. Maybe that was it. Whatever it was, I liked it whilst not really liking it at all.

It had what many in this genre don't which is a firm grasp on reality, and for that we have to thank it; for bringing us down a notch.

Animation 6/10

Sometimes inspiring, sometimes abnoxious. The worst parts of Trapeze and the best of Tekkon Kinkreet. Intense but lacklustre. Vivid but pathetic. But fitting.

Sound 9/10

Warm and colourful. Jazzy, sound, again fitting. Good voice actors and well mixed.

Characters 7/10

Shallow but representative.

Overall 8.9/10

An expression of relentless hope engulfed in a terrifying seran-wrap of understandable insanity.

9.1/10 story
6/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.9/10 overall
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