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Top 50 Anime Shows

1: Eureka Seven

2. Code Geass 

3. Clannad + Clannad After Story

4.  Naruto Shippuden

5. Blood+

6. Samurai Champloo 

7. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

8.  Dragon Ball Z 

9.  Fullmetal Alchemist

10.  Bleach

11. Wolf's Rain

12.  GANTZ 

13.   Samurai 7

14.   Death Note

15.   Steins Gate  

16.  Air 

17.   Ergo Proxy

18.   Gurenn Lagann

19.   Gungrave 

20.  Basilisk

21.  D Gray Man

22.   Elfen Lied 

23.  Samurai Deeper Kyo 

24.  Soul Eater

25.  Spice and Wolf + II 

26.  Flame of Recca 

27.  Tenjho Tenge

28.   Afro Samurai 

29.   Fate/Stay Night

30.   Pandora Hearts

31.  Vampire Knight 

32. Highschool Of the Dead

33.  Busou Renkin

34.  Claymore 

35.  Darker then Black 

36.  Deadman Wonderland 

37.  Mushishi

38.  Cowboy Bebop

39.    07-Ghost 

40.   History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

41.   Needless 

42.  Gilgamesh  

43.   Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

44.   Trinity Blood 

45.   Black Blood Brothers  

46.   Utawarerumono 

47.  Blood C

48.  Zombie Loan

49.  Blade of the Immortal

50.  Hellsing 

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LovelyWickedDescet says...

Oh no its alright, I don't mind at all. Hm.. Samurai Deeper Kyo was interesting but it acted a bit funny most of the time. I did like the romance blossoming between... (Not revealing that.) it wasn't too fast but it wasn't too slow either. Some of the characters I found was pretty annoying but they had their good side to them.

Basilisk tries a bit too hard to be serious, but I do like the action scenes and the story behind it. So they are both good to watch, just depends upon what you like most.

Did I help you out any?

Nov 28, 2009
LovelyWickedDescet says...

Its a bit boring but it will give you some good interesting ideas. (for me it was some killing scenes, but nothing much.). Well Rouroni Kenshin takes a bit to get interesting and I not sure on Black Blood Brothers.. they don't look very interesting but then again I can't really say anything until I tried watching it first. (though I distinctly dislike the idea of romance. ).

Nov 27, 2009
LovelyWickedDescet says...

Your welcome. Hm besides being acussed of being someone else (for the third time in the row.) trying to get internet explore 8 to download (apperantly its really slow..huh.) getting out of my fourth strike of depression... I am finishing up Basilik, and I watch the new pokemon movie Arcues and the Jewel of Life, got into a new anime called Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, watched a bit of Loveless, read the new chapter in Kuroshitsuji, watched 10th or 11th episode of Naruto Shippuuden, and wondering when Adult Swim will get some new anime shows out, and finished Bakugan New Vistroia. Nothing much.

Nov 25, 2009
LovelyWickedDescet says...

I suppose; but it might just continue (that is if the mangaka 'can't remember the name currently'. makes a new villian.), or there might be a second season. Who knows I guess its whatever the Animatiors or the Mangaka (I can't remember who's in charge...sorry.).

Oct 18, 2009
LovelyWickedDescet says...

Ah, no not really. Its just one of my normal habbits to get on at night and stay up after. (There is another reason but I'm not allowed to say...).

Oct 17, 2009