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Hello! I'm smart and I may be a sissy, but actually I'm very intelligent and I'm glad I signed up here on animeplanet. I love to draw and write stories but the bad thing is I have to do college work (it stinks!) and I have to make it quick otherwise I'll be kicked out so usually, I'll have to make fast list and stuff. If I have something that you are curious about, feel free to comment. It won't hurt anything... honest.


I love anything with romance and hentai and I hate Shoujo. Mostly because I'm an adult. Slice of life stories are boring.

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Kari5 Apr 17, 2011

You hate shoujo because you're an adult? That doesn't make any sense :p Plus shoujo IS romance, so it's kind of impossible to like one and not the other xD


I'm a moderator from the character database and I wanted to let you know that we can't accept most of the tags you've submited (one is still being debated). Please read the tag guidelines before submitting again.