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Uriel Jul 15, 2009


when you mentioned Monster and realistic my first thought was Planetes. Never read manga (mangas are hard to get where I live) but anime kicked ass. 

You liked Hellsing and Ergo Proxy so next one is no brainer - Witch Hunter Robin . Will suck you in like a black hole. It has long introduction period of episodic stories before the real intrigue kicks in. Just make sure you have whole season when it does, because you won't be able to turn it off after mid season. 

Since you obviously prefer anime that engages your brain I would recommend Paranoia Agent. Can't be 100% sure but it is possibly the smartest and most wicked anime I have ever seen. Also soundtrack is great. 

Then, if you appreciate storytelling and athmosphere, there is Mushishi. Very episodic, but absolutely must see. I watched it one episode every nigt befoe sleep. Not because it is boring - it is masterfuly composed and executed so after each episode you feel... fulfilled? Just try few episodes see if it fits you. 

There is also Juuni Kokki. I heard manga was great, anime sure is. Starts as super cliche crap but endure first three episodes, worth it.

Hope that helps! 

FireFlower Mar 7, 2009

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